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Kim (xokimox) wrote,
@ 2003-07-15 14:23:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:Stacie Orrico - Stuck

    So Adam and Jacob and Kaci want me to go with them to Dallas from Thursday through Saturday. Now usually I would jump on this oppurtunity, they bought TONS of alcohol, and their parents paid for hotels and stuf blah blah, but all I can think about is how I need to work and get some damn money. Ugh! Its not fair! Why can't I be young like everyone else? Well I told him I would call around and ask people if they would pick up my Thursday and Friday shifts, but first I have to see about my whole / loan / grant situation. I really hope I got something because if not, there goes soccer, and I can't afford my rent anymore haha. I DEFENITELY don't ahve enough for freaking August, so if nothing goes through, I'm screwed.

    I am trying to make myself take a trip somewhere in December, but as always I probably wont be able to. So September 5-7 I will be at LSU for the Tiger Classic. So if anyone goes to those soccer games I will probably know them, I'm telling everyone that if I'm going to play to go. Then some other time I'm going to Birmingham Southern, which is Kaci's college, so she is gonig to go watch if I play. That would be hilarious if I found a person from each school we play to come out and watch. I would be like oooo I have fans what do YOU have hahaha. But then again, I probably wont play. Soccer is alot of politics, not talent. If the coach doesn't know you, he isn't going to play you right off, which means he wont get to know you on the field, which means great chance you will be red-shirted before you can even prove yourself. Its shitty I know, but whatever. I wonder if Kyra and Janae started working out with the soccer girls or if they still go on their own. I hate them both, but they are from here so I guess I should be nice to them somewhat. I mean I was never on a team with Kyra, but I was with Janae.

    Speaking of soccer hoes, I saw fucking BRIDGETTE the other night at Outback. That stupid hoe. I could kill her. She still isn't even 5'0, and she kept giving me looks. Now I'm not a violent person, but this bitch threatened me for a whole damn soccer season. She would yell something then run to her truck. My soccer team had to physicall hold me back, literally! I took off running and people had to hang on me and not let me run over to where she was. Grrr, I hate when people threaten me. That is probably the easiest way to piss me off. If something is going on and you threaten me? Watch out! haha alright enough for now. I need to see if Jacob is working so I can go to Starbucks haha.

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