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Amanda (xoinsatiableox) wrote,
@ 2003-08-27 20:51:00
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    Current mood: accomplished
    Current music: Evanescence- Going Under

    I'll be lovin you....
    I always thought I was doing fine
    Spreading myself around another good time
    Then it hit me from out of the blue
    I was falling in love with you
    But now everything's been changed
    My hopes my dreams are rearranged it's true
    And it's all because of you, my baby

    I'll be loving you all my life
    Till my dying day is through
    I'll be loving you, forever
    I'll be loving you all my life
    Till my dying day is through
    I'll be loving you, forever

    Every night I wonder if you know
    No matter what they say I won't let go
    Don't ask yourself if I'll always be there
    Cause forever's how long I'll care
    As time goes by and the feeling gets stronger
    To be in your arms can't wait any longer
    Look in my eyes and you'll see it's true
    Day and night all my thoughts are of you

    Just thought I'd do a kristine, and instead of writin how i feel. i just copy n pasted the words to a song that sums up how i feel, and is also one of my favorite songs. Its got alot of meaning behind it, and it never got played out. You know alot of people talk alot of shit. Not so much the people that are close to me, but the people who think they know me and they know what my life is about. They think that because I got pregnant early that I'm nothing besides a statisic, low-life on welfare who has no life and will raise her kids to be drug dealers and all that crap. But I dont define my life on how successfull i am financially or how many degrees I have under my belt. I just wanna be happy and raise my family. I love my kids with all my heart if i had a bank full of money that wouldnt make them be loved anymore. I love Rob too. Sure we act retarted around eachother and we have our fights. But thats because we're eachothers best friend. We depend on eachother for everything he is my life and i know im his. I've been with him for 6 years ( minus 2 or 3 mths we broke up once) and i kno him better then he knows himself. And he knows me better than I know myself too. And i couldn;t be happier even if i married vin disel and made $20 million a year.......and not everyone has that with I concider myself lucky. And even tho we're not broke and we are buying a huge house out of the city with tons of ground for the kids to grow up and be happy and become little prissy brats and skateboarders lol......Id be just as happy if we were livin in a box out on the street. And I just thought that some people needed to know this. Whether or not they can read this I dont kno...but at least I wrote it. And now everyone knows just how happy I am, and if i could go back and change anything, I wouldnt change a damn thing.

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