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dani (xohugskissesxo) wrote,
@ 2003-10-17 15:19:00
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    Current mood: excited

    yep guess what today is >> hmm iceskating! yes! haha I'm so excited...i really have alot of work to do! ugh and its so the weekend. o well. i'll be having some fun at least so its all good. I neeeed to clean when i get home. yea that si after i get a snack because i didnt eat lunch today. i didnt even go to lunch today. i had breakfast but that is like forever-ago. lol. yea u no y i didnt have lunch today??? because of my world civ teacher. yea i was sposed to take my chapter test monday and ended up having to take it today. it was optional either today or after school on monday but it so happens that teh test is different and everyone else was taking it today because they didnt want to have an essay. hmmmm yea i studied like crazy last night but i still dod not feel confident enough to take it today. good thing it was last period cuz igot to study a little bit during the day but even still. it was hard but i know the essays would ahve been harder. thats ok though. i think i should get a decent grade on this one. _hopefully. i need this grade. i just need time and there is no time given. hmf.

    well i'm going to go because i want to start my homework >> i really dont want to have to do it this weekend!! that would suck!

    lyl x0x ll dani ll

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