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Ashley (Akalei) (xohawaiinbabixo) wrote,
@ 2003-08-20 13:31:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:in this diary

    no concrete, just sand throw away your shoes.
    Basics Ashley as it appears on bitrh certificate? Ashley Jane Travers
    3.nicknames? Ash (a.train...from wowo)
    4.age? 14
    5.birthday? 0ct 1
    6.birthplace? staten island
    7.current residence? holmdel you attend? hhs
    9.righty or lefty? both
    10.siblings? 2
    11.pets? 0 color? brown/blonde lites
    13.natural hair color? brown
    14.eye color? brown you wear contacts or glasses? glasses, but no bodys seen them
    16.height? 5'5

    17.color? pink place to live? hawaii place for vacation? hawaii or any tropical island
    20.resturant?...i dont like resturants hm..
    22.drink? falvored selter too many to name dont have one josh hartnett.....oh mallie
    28.actress? reese witherspoon in this diary
    30.artist? at the moment...maroon 5
    31.quote or saying?
    32. book? hate reading

    Random Questions
    33.if you were to be another person for one day, who would it be? mallory
    34.what person, dead or alive, would you like to meet? my grandma
    34.who is your role model? my mom
    36.what is your idea of a perfect date? im not that picky with dates
    37. who is your celebrity obsession? josh hartnett....haha mal
    38.what do you want to be when you grow up? undecided
    39.are you going to go to college, if so what college? no idea you want to get married? yes you want kids?yes
    42.what are your favotire names? Christian, Jack
    43.where do you want to live when you get older? hawaii
    45.would you ever go into the army/navy? myb
    46. what is one thing that you want to be remembered for? being a good friend
    47. if you could cure the world of one thing, what would it be? cancer
    48. do you consider yourself a dare devil? no way
    49. have you ever done anything illegal? wouldnt you like to know
    50. what do you wish you could do? i never thought of that b4
    51. any regrets about your life? i regret the little things i never did
    52. one thing you could change about your life. theres nothing terribly wrong with my life, so why change
    53. what type of celebrity would you want to be?(singer, actor etc.) actress
    54. if you had one wish what would it be? cant say
    55. would you ever be a stripper? haha
    56. would you ever lie to hekp yourself get out of a situation? myb
    58. have you ever smoked pot? no
    59. have you ever loved someone? like a boyfriend, no
    60. do you believe in love at first sight? no, believe in taking a deeper look ;)
    61. have you ever cheated? yes
    62. do you believe in serendepity? yes
    63. do you believe in God? yes

    64.which of your friends...(is the)
    65.smartest? wariz/drew
    66.quietest? kat
    68.crazziest? a good way
    69.funniest? drew
    70.sweetest? marissa
    71.nicest? alyssa
    72.gossips the most? hmm
    73.most talkative?audrey
    74.most flirtatious? sasha
    75.most musical? kat singer?kat dancer? sasha the best advice? all my girls...n wariz you trust the most? wariz, marissa, mallory you tell everything? wariz you miss the most? s.a.m and melissa
    83.have you known the longest? mallory...1str day of 7th grade
    84.can you talk to the longest? wariz the most immature?....drew, bernard, dennis, tom you believe that a person can have more than one best friend? yes
    88.have you ever talked behind one of your friends back? who hasnt you put your girl friends before your guy friends? that depends on who you fight a lot with your friends? some
    91.when have you had the most meaningful conversation with one or more of your friends? dk

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