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Ash (xoditzythang06) wrote,
@ 2004-04-13 22:05:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:Downfall

    Hey! Not 2 much going on in my life right now... I didn't go 2 school 2day cauz I felt like SHIT this morning! My anxiety has been really bad lately, like I can't go n*ewhere w/ out feeling all dizzy & light headed. My grades are going 2 go up as soon as my mom calls mrs. jiles & sets it strate I was in the auditorium helping out. Angie finally moved out of my grandmas... there living somewhere by pine island now I guess? Theres like nothing good going on right now... me & David are really good & everything.

    N*ewayz... the fashion show was really awesome! Everybody looked sooooo pretty but I came home sounding like a damn ghetto mami lmao! Stephanie was being a real bitch about it tho... like she was yelling @ everybody like she was a real director or something & I almost beat lynae's ass! she's all looking in the mirror omgsh I look soooo pretty I'm like dude your sooooo annoying & stupid! School is 2 crazie right now! Maria is getting her ass beat b4 the year is over I'm making it a goal!

    Well me & David are like perfect right now! I barely fought w/ him the whole time I was w/ him sunday & monday. He made me cry though 1 time & he scared me so bad cauz he scrated my stomach & I have marks... I was just scared cauz I didnt think david would ever phsycially hurt me. I love him sooooooooo much! We had sex like 3 times... the 1st time it was frickin crazii though... I got like REAL excited & yeah.... it was NICE lol!!!!!!!! I have a weird obsession with my spot though, I think its cute.... is that weird???? LMAO ANYWAYS!!!!!!!! I'm going 2 c him 2morrow, thats the thing i hate about staying the night when I go home I miss him a lot lol its like I wake up & my baby isnt there :( .... Ok well I'm out


    I LOVE DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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