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Ash (xoditzythang06) wrote,
@ 2004-03-20 17:49:00
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    Current mood: pissed off
    Current music:I don't wanna know

    Gay ass people!
    Hey! This week has been so lame its not even funny! Yesterday morning I went over to Dave's which was really fun cauz I got 2 c him & I missed not seeing him. He's such a sweetheart I love him soooooo much!!!! We went out on his friend blake's boat which was alright but it was really loooong & I had 2 piss BAD! I stayed the nite @ his house cauz it was real late & we had a talk about fucked up shit that we both say. He's been trying so hard these last few days 2 be nice its really sweet :D ! He got REALLY happy (hehe) & uh yeah lets just say HOLY SHIT!!!! lol I'll be happy 4 the rest of my life ;) ! He's such a cuddle bunny I love 2 cuddle him it makes me feel good inside!

    On the gay side of our relationship theres always ppl trying 2 start shit!!! Fucking cory & my fat ass cousins are trying 2 tell Dave that I would get w/ Ronnie over him... YEAH RIGHT! I love Dave more than n*ething, & Ronnie isn't my type n*ewayz there so fucking stupid! Nobody HEARD me say it there just assuming that I did so they can all kiss my ass cauz I would never do that 2 him & i swear if I ever see my slutty ass fat bitch whore cousin out on the street I'll knock her ass OUT!

    Speaking of fat ass cousins Zach nearly burned down my grandparents shed yesterday. He totally FUCKED my dad's motorcycle & his lawnmower that were in that shed! I am soooo pissed if I was my grandma I'd of kicked him his dyke sister & slut momma strate outta that house! My dad was soooo mad! Rachel was here 2day... we went shopping & I got a swimsuit but I don't know if Dave will let me wear it n*ewhere :*( ! N*ewayz I'm going 2 go cauz I'm gonna work on some stuff on the computer....

    XoXo ~*~Ashley

    David you are my everything.... I love you

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