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to wake you would be a sin (xnjbloodx) wrote,
@ 2003-08-20 23:08:00
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    Current mood: uncomfortable
    Current music:the engine escape - this jagged alibi

    zach "50 cent" koenig
    hello my fellow americans.... today suched pretty bad i woke up around 1 did nothing talked to chelsea we made plans to go to redbank and then i needed a ride i had a ride there but no ride home and when i went to pick up pete to go his mom said she wasnt gunna pick us up so we just chilled at pete and sat on the comp and when listen to some music watched the new strong bad and some GI JOE videos and some other shit and then we went to subway got veggie delite sub it was good then we went to shop right and we walked around there for like a half hour looking for some snacks didn't know what to get dunkin donuts was close in there so we got 2 boes of these other donuts glazed and some other chocolate kind i forget ate those and then we went to eckered and got some sprite remix but once i walked out of the store i dropped it and i had like 4 sips left of it so that sucked and when we walking back we couldn't see the trail and we got lost in the woods but then once we almost got out we were like right next to the trail and we didn't even know it and then i called chelsea talked to her for like a second asked her if she wanted to hang tomorrow but i think she has work and then we went back to his house watched some reno911 and sat on the comp and then pete drove me home yes pete himself drove me but his dad was there too so really pete and his dad drove me and then i got home sat outside with my sis and talked and now i'm here on the comp. doin nothing.

    that whole shit is one sentence woo wooooo.....

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