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to wake you would be a sin (xnjbloodx) wrote,
@ 2003-08-08 03:09:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:curl up and die - ted nugent goes aol

    i got a fucking FAT LIP!
    hey guys today i woke up and i sorta just sat around all day i really dont remember much i went to the throwdown, and everytime i die show i got punched in the face and i lost some memory i guess thats not good but thing sare goin well i saw chelsea at the show we talked for a tad bit i also saw dan D dan A jimmy drew chris realm corrine klarissa chelsea Q joey gabby alli beth oh yea brandon of course he drove me to the show we had a good talk about girl shows fights and past times so yea chris realm beat the fuck of some dude he split his lip open his nose was bleeding bad and some real bad shit happen to him and some other dude got his fucking nose broke from him it was a crazy show but i got hit in the face during terro they were good but i didn't stay in the to watch ETID and i left before throwdown i was pretty pissed but i feel sick i had a headache and i was goin crazy i thought i was gunna die so i said goodbye to everyone kissed chelsea godbye and isat out in the front for my popa-kone and once he came we dropped joe off and then we got some pizza i thought i was gunan throw up from it but it actully helped me and i calm down i guess i just needed some food who knows and i came home sat down for a lil while and i talked to everyone on the comp talk to someone new today its sara's cousin i think she never told me her name but its all good shes very cool she like further as much as me so she is excepted as one of my friends she is very cool but yea my show is tomorrow but its really today yea so you gusy should go thanks and i dont have anymore to say so i'll see you all tomorrow goodbye. i love you chelsea.-zach-

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