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choke me (xnerdxrockx) wrote,
@ 2004-04-11 17:02:00
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    Current mood: melancholy
    Current music:modest mouse: sleep walking

    it took me all day to find my book. i need to write these in here in case something actually happens to it one day.

    this once majestic house is falling apart
    the windows, broken and boarded up
    the walls that were once bright and colored
    are now brown and dying piece by piece
    the floors hold so many of our memories
    retracing each one as i walk down the hall

    my friend, you've come a long way
    but i'm afraid our journey is over
    it once was that a burning fire couldn't tear us apart
    not for long though, because you're so far away
    i'm wishing you the best of luck
    and i'll see you at the show

    the grass is dead and wilted, walking through the back yard
    old toys still in the sandbox, where we once sat
    going down the sidewalk, i hoped for the past
    but as i reached the gate there was no turning back
    the court still stands tall from those days
    do you remember?

    did you remember


    the bodies keep falling from the sky
    into the crimson river where
    the angles hang their heads to cry
    shedding for the children who are scared
    why is this happening

    what have we done
    why won't the darkness
    leave us alone

    what did they do to deserve this pain
    that keeps them hiding all day
    and fighting for their lives out in the rain
    no matter what they say
    it will never be okay

    god stop the violence
    end the suicide
    stop this pain from coming
    help me on the inside

    the destruction of everything is so near
    the gorvernment keeps crushing your dreams
    they try to make the future so clear
    the end is coming, so it seems

    this reign of terror is coming down
    and the enraged children are still screaming
    but no one can hear the unlawful sound
    the hearts are still bleading
    but the bodies are leaving


    your stares are etching scars into my mind
    just please let me be, i'll be fine
    i can't take away your opinions of my being
    and i can't help your eyes from what they are seeing
    i don't fit into your faux fashion trend
    and i can't help the way my fingers bend

    i won't give into your stamp
    just leat me breathe
    i want to be alone
    i just want to be alone

    let me out of your binding box
    where no one has courtesy for knocks
    my intentions will remain the same
    i want to break free of this undying game
    just look past my ripped up, faded jeans
    and i will tell you that i don't know what hollister means
    to you


    save me
    i think i'm fading
    i think i've fallen off the edge
    of reality
    but what is reality
    when everything is a nonconformity
    and no one believes
    that there is hope
    but there is still hope
    in my eyes
    because i see the light
    and it's still burning bright
    so take my hand
    and we'll find the way
    to a new life
    where we can walk all day
    everything can fade to gray
    it will still be okay
    because we can paint it black
    when we get our vision back
    from the blinding bleach
    of your thoughts


    i look at your picture every day
    and as each day grows old
    you picture fades away
    you're not coming back
    to this vacated town
    no, you're not coming back
    because there is no one

    i can see you right in front of me
    but you can't look back at me
    there's nothing inside of you
    i'm non-existant to you
    but i'm not giving up

    i can see the pain
    when i look into your eyes
    my life will never be the same
    without you behind me all the way
    the dull pick can't save the pain
    no, not today
    and you can't help me
    no, not today


    hey, thanks for everything
    you've given life to my eyes
    and now you've fiven me the world
    always ther eby my side
    astray away from giving advice
    i'd give it all to keep you forever
    and a day

    please, god, don't leave me
    tell me taht you love your life
    i'll give you my eyes just so you can see
    that it would be impossible without the strife
    just believe me
    and sing to me again

    i swear i'm doing my best
    just like you did for so many years
    you'd sacrifice yourself for our lives
    i could never ask any more from you
    please, just never leave my side
    and i promise i'll buy you everything you could ever want
    and more

    i'd never do anything to hurt you
    i just don't want you to feel pain
    ever again, breathe for an eternity
    just take my life, it's more than i deserve
    you can have it forever, or just a while
    i just want to see you smile
    one last time


    when the world doesn't want you
    what do you do
    your parents don't love you
    it can't be true
    these days are getting harder
    but we'll make it through
    we'll just keep fighting
    through the black and blue
    your life is a struggle
    but you act okay
    and you'll just keep lying
    until the next day

    we are the youth of tomorrow
    we sing of sex and sorrow
    from our broken homes
    and the shattered bones
    we are tomorrow

    you keep fighting your freedom
    in your locked up room
    there's no way escaping
    this third class doom
    just stop shooting those bleak drugs
    and wash off the blood stains
    just go on outside
    and scream insanity in the rain
    break down the door
    of your abuse and violence
    and come save us from this

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