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Never wanted to be all the things i'm sure are me (xmymystiquex) wrote,
@ 2002-11-01 20:28:00
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    i just lost something i had been working on. it just fucking disappered. everything is pissing me off right now. this seem to have happened two weeks ago. it's like i'm not good enough for anything. for everyone. it's like i don't have any close friends. and the ones i do arn't close enough. or turn on me sometimes. nobody ever wants to plan things with me. or just that one of my friends only does because i can get a car. the only person that i know wants to see me when they can is adam. and he's in fucking anaheim. he's the only person that doesn't have an alteriar motive to things.

    today i was writting becca a letter in class. she said it would be good if i started writing stories to her in the letters. so i made up a place to escape reality. It's called Glendora, even though Glendora is a real place. this Glendora is in space. it's on a planet the size of our moon. it revolves around earth. it's spins really fast so the gravity isn't any different. there are three rotations is considered one day. so there are four hour days and four hour nights. people usually take naps during the nights but some like to stay up between.
    Everyone there works as something like a waiter or a coffee shop girl. everyone has a cat that they talk to. the cats can understand but they don't talk back because they they only speak french. they listen to our problems and and they share it with other cats when we put them out at night, every four hours. they have a plan to take over Glendora but it'll never work on the count of the lack of opposible thumbs. but with there cat brains, they haven't planned that far ahead. the sun sets on every bank. the beaches are big enough so that everyone has there own beach scene without it being inturrupted. the beach is filled with non sticky sand. there are every kinda of landscapes you can think of in Glendora. And everything is picturesque. 6.623 percent of the population are photographers.
    All the girls have at least one song written about then that has to do with heart break and loss. at least someone you know in Glendora is always going through a break up. People get together and get married, but you never seem to notice. Men and women are equal here but the gender roles seem to switch at time to time and men become more emo then ever. and women seem to be at a record high for being evil.
    10 percent of the population is the coolest person you know. But back on earth, just living in Glendora is considered cool. Everyone in Glendora is at the height of fashion. There's always something to do and parking lots are where all the cool kids hang out. it's a lot like Europe, but with english.

    I had more but my mom's forcing me to go with her to dinner. damn bitch.

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