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Never wanted to be all the things i'm sure are me (xmymystiquex) wrote,
@ 2002-10-28 23:31:00
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    everyone i know can probably figure out who's this is. considering the user icon. maybe i should change that. i hate how my mom tries to talk to me about usless things that she doesn't even think about. She knows that i'm doing something else and not just waiting for her to speak. if i'm on the phone, she talks to me like i have two brains to comprehend what's going on on both sides. she does it when i'm on the other side of the house. and all it causes is me getting frustrated because i can't hear her and she yelling for no reason. i usually end up getting up and she's talking about her psychics. again i have been caught in the trap of listening to her. *she says you're gonna get into law*. what the fuck, i don't even like law. i break them without even thinking about it anymore. and i don't have any drive to do anything but sit on my ass and make scarves.
    well if you are one of the people i know who have found this and think it's gonna be something interesting, it's not. just more bitching that you would get mad at or scroll through if it was in my regular journal. stuff that i would write R2B2 in a letter. bitching about how i hate conga lines. creating conformity, while i stand on the pedistal refusing to join in on the madness.
    Millie's watching Jenny Jones, i wonder what goes on in her head while she's watching. *this is controversial. this is important. i wonder if Jason loves me. my daughter is my only friend. i can tell her anything.* well, she may be able to tell me anything, but i sure as hell can't promise that i'll be listening when she's talking. it's just annoying.

    Strange facts from the mind of Mildred Buelna:
    she once contemplated swallowing those little diosaur sponges to take up room in her stomach to help her lose weight.

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