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Marie (xmariex) wrote,
@ 2004-08-16 00:45:00
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    color?: blue
    season?: summer/fall
    number?: 2
    food?: brownie desert thing at chillies
    animal?: dog
    actor?: colin farrell
    actress?: hmm...sandra bullock
    band/singer?: too many
    movie?: the notebook, billy madison. ect.
    t.v. show?: family guy southpark real world
    word?: hmm...tantalizing or sophisticated
    book?: dont have one
    time of day?: night

    insight into your soul:
    do you believe in god?: yes
    if so, do you wish you didn't?: no
    what are your thoughts on abortion?: disagree
    how about the death penalty?: disagree
    same-sex marraiges?: go for it
    bush?: eh...idc
    do you believe in love at first sight?: ..OF COURSE...not
    are you a hopeless romantic?: prolly
    what are you afraid of?: spiders
    what is your worst habit?: obsessive complsive...over analyzing
    how many people would you trust with your life?: hm..1 or 2

    have you ever:
    smoked a cigarette?: sure have
    smoked weed?: no
    drank Alcohol?: yes of course
    had sex?: lol
    tp'd a house?: no
    stolen anything?: no
    kicked a guy where it hurts?: yes i think i have
    slapped anyone?: yeah
    broken a bone?: stress fracture
    scratched someone and left a mark?: prolly

    spell your first name backwards: eiram
    date of birth: 5/24
    occupation: pacsun
    hair color: dirty blonde
    where were you born: ct
    where do you reside now: ma
    virgin or not: v club
    what does your screen name stand for: nothing
    piercings: ears
    tattoos: nada
    shoe size: 8-8 1/2
    righty or lefty: righty
    wearing: pjs
    hearing: music/tv
    feeling: eh
    thinking: about things

    music stuff:
    What song do you swear was written about you or your life: idk
    What's the most embarrassing cd you own: brittney spears
    What's the best cd you own: i have a few
    What song do you absolutely hate: ah almost any trance...hey mamma

    love stuff:
    do you like anyone: yes
    do you have a b/f or g/f?: nope
    Been in love before: no
    first thing you notice about the opposite sex: eyes/smile

    more favorites:
    school subject: english
    outfit: ae jeans and a cute shirt
    radio station: 993
    pair of shoes: dc
    cartoon: family guy
    drink: dr pepper
    holiday: Christmas
    pizza topping: pepperoni
    card game: WAR what is it good for absolutly nothing!
    disney character:
    childhood toy: i had a few
    candy bar: i alwasy change
    sport to watch: football
    sport to play: field hockey

    have you ever:
    been on a diet: no
    been to a foreign country: no
    got in a fight: not physical
    gone skinny dipping: no
    told a secret you swore not to tell: ...yes im sorry
    dated one of your best friends: no
    loved someone so much it makes you cry: not loved...liked...a lot
    broken the law: yes
    been on an airplane: no
    gave someone a piggy back ride: why yes i have
    been so drunk you don't remember your name: no
    felt like you didn't belong: yeah i think we all have
    smoked: yes
    had your tonsils removed: no
    slow danced with someone you love: no
    asked a friend for relationship advice: who hasnt? yeah
    gotten a speeding ticket: no
    done jail time: no
    won a trophy: yeah
    attempted suicide: no
    cut yourself: no

    last car ride: coming home from work today
    last good cry: well cry like 2 nights ago
    last movie seen:uptown girls
    last book read: idk
    last swear word uttered: damn or shit
    last beverage drank: coke
    last food consumed: chicken and fried squash
    last phone call: justine
    last tv show watched: bmw
    last time showered: tonight
    last cd played: lbc baby!
    last item bought: hmm...chicken cutlet
    last disappointment: today
    last thing written: this
    last words spoken: ok
    last time hugged: today
    last webpage visited: this one

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