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ReptilE (xladyofc4rnagex) wrote,
@ 2003-10-27 16:44:00
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    Current mood: giggly
    Current music:Someday - Sugar Ray

    O_o birthday presents are cool
    wooh survey thing-y O_o

    The thing is, you can only answer this with song titles from a band/singer.

    1. Are you male or female? I'm Just A Girl (No Doubt)
    2. Describe yourself. Crash Crash (Murderdolls)
    3. How do some people feel about you? Love to Hate (Slayer)
    4. Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend/interest. The Perfect Drug (NIN)
    5. How do you feel about yourself? Crash Crash (Murderdolls)
    6. Where would you rather be? Shadow Zone (Static-X)
    7. What do you want to be doing? Running (No Doubt)
    8. How do you live? Motherfucker I Don't Care (Murderdolls)
    9. How do you love? First Date (Blink 182)
    10. Quote some words of wisdom. "hate heals- you should try it sometime"

    In The Last 48 Hours, Have You:
    01. Cried: yes
    02. Bought something: movie tickets
    03. Gotten sick: no
    04. Sang: yes
    05. Eaten: yes
    06. Been kissed: nope
    07. Felt stupid: yeah
    08. Wanted to tell someone you loved them, but didn't: nope.
    09. Met someone new: O_o no.
    10. Moved on: sorta kinda
    11. Talk to an ex: yup
    12. Missed an ex: nuh uh
    13. Talked to someone you have a crush on: indeed ^_^
    14. Had a serious talk: O_o nope
    15. Missed someone: yeah...
    16. Hugged someone: yeah!
    17. Fought with your parents: kinda
    18. Dreamed about someone you can't be with: well, i can be with him now. hooray!

    Social Life
    01. Best girl friend: idk.
    02. Best boy friend: chris/will/jeremy....yeah
    03. Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Mike =D
    04. If no, current dating partner: O_o Mike, you fucker.
    05. Hobbies: drawing, going online, sleeping, playing DDR
    06. Pager: no O_o
    07. Are you center of attention or the wallflower: I is a nice pretty wallflower. hehe
    08. What type automobile do you want to drive: HUMMER O_O AHHH
    10. Would you rather be with friends or on a date: friends.
    11. Where is the best hangout: O_o uh, my house? idk.
    12. Do you have a job: well, yeah because I'm an artist and I sell my artwork...O_O
    13. Do you attend church: what is church?
    14. Do you like being around people: I dont like big groups of people.

    01. Have you known the longest: Chris and Steph
    02. Do you argue the most with: uh Alex O_o
    03. Do you always get along with: Chris, Pheonix
    04. Is the most trustworthy: chris, steph
    05. Makes you laugh the most: uh...idk
    06. Has been there through all the hard times: chris
    07. Has the coolest parents: i like my parents lol
    08. Has the scariest siblings: O_o me and steph
    09. Is the most blunt: idk
    10. Is the smartest: uh idk

    01. Who is your role model: Jhonen O_o
    02. What are some of your pet peeves: uh i dont really know.
    03. Have you ever liked someone you had no chance with: yeh
    04. Have you ever cried over the opposite sex: yes
    05. Do you have a "type" of person you always go after: nope.
    06. Have you ever lied to your best friend(s): nope
    07. Ever wanted to get revenge on someone because they hurt you: yea
    08. Would you rather be dumper or dumped? both suck.
    09. Rather have a relationship or a "hookup": relationship
    10. Want someone you don't have right now: nope
    11. Ever liked your best guy/girl friend: O_o yeah i think
    12. Do you want to get married: not really. O_o
    13. Do you want kids: uh....
    14. Do you believe in psychics: indeed
    15. What is your favorite part of your physical appearance: idk

    Mike asked me out today....O_o I said yes. Hooray! I'm happy now. I love him.

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