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stina (xkorngirlx) wrote,
@ 2003-09-18 00:43:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:the sacrament -HIM

    well im feeling pretty weird tonight, in a gd way i feel all happy and excited but for no reason.
    i went to college today wich was pretty shit really but then i got home and went to jjb and i saw gd old greg who i havent seen for like 3 months and he gave me a hug and everything which was nice, he said hes gonna come round tomorow and i found ot today that rahzel is playing in the cavern pretty dam soon so i must go to that and then jess came down and we went shopping in tk max looking at the shinny stuff then i went to work and i have to cover aiden on sat at 5 till 7 and he said he will get me chocolats for doing it and flowers so i worked my little heart out at work then hazel asked me to work sat 2 till 3 but i havent said yes yet but i proberly will well anyways i finished work then walked home and jay and vicky were txting me but i was till scared and then a scary bloke followed me for a bit but i got home safly and game my mummy and mike some fish cakes and cod and a sasuage , they were proud of my wrapping and all the work i have done there and then i came down and spoke to paula and 2morow im going to see jessie james and tiny elvis woohoo and also greg might come see me and i will hopefuly see jay 2morow (no see him today :( ) and now im here and thats the end of my story.
    goodbye and fairwell.

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