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Michelle (xkillmefastx) wrote,
@ 2004-05-01 02:24:00
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    One more.
    Okay one more survey.

    N . i . N . E things that make you smile:

    [x] Friends.
    [x] Crushes. Sometimes.
    [x] Brand New and Somethine Corporate
    [x] Him...
    [x] music
    [x] sleep
    [x] weekends
    [x] Cheese
    [x] cold drinks

    E . i . G . H . T things you wear daily:

    [x] clothes
    [x] brown necklace.
    [x] pink + purple eyeshadow (almost daily)
    [x] shoes
    [x] mascara
    [x] eyebrow barbell
    [x] emily bag (every weekday anyway)
    [x] foundation

    S . E . V . E . N things that annoy you:

    [x] That fucking Rootbeer commercial with the sick lady
    [x] Waking up early
    [x] Crystal and Marlissa
    [x] Sister's friends
    [x] Fake people
    [x] The fucking EMO trend ..
    [x] Alyssa. "I'm so hardcore". Ew.

    S . i . X things you are looking forward to:

    [x] Studying 8-B
    [x] Going to the states in the summer
    [x] Getting a job
    [x] Maybe going to Europe this summer.
    [x] Getting my learner's
    [x] Umm anything this summer

    F . i . V . E things you are scared of:

    [x] Ghosts. Kay I swear my house is haunted.
    [x] Family members dying
    [x] blood tests
    [x] Talking to Mr Morrison about where I am when I'm not at school
    [x] Graveyards

    F . O . U . R people you want to spend more time with:

    [x] Jill
    [x] Meghan
    [x] Megan
    [x] Cayla

    T . H . R . E . E movies you could watch over and over:

    [x] Nightmare Before Christmas
    [x] Office Space
    [x] Umm.. I dunno what else

    T . W. O special moments:

    [x] Meeting Mike on the cruise with Skye haha good times
    [x] dunno

    O . N . E person you can spend forever with:
    [x] I don't know yet.

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