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KimBerLee (xkeepitrealx) wrote,
@ 2003-12-02 19:49:00
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    So um it started off boring n me and cathy were still laughing about jim and lipshitz. yea this is jus continuing from before. Still behind in chem class n then said its our fault lol. shan came bac n sooo tan ahhhh shan haha um study hall was so funny: we threw oranges, spoons, orange peals, everything haha n put spoons in random peoples pockets hahah n that list of things to do was so funny it was like: wen a fat person backs up make a beeping sound, go around saying stickity wicket was a cricket or something like that it was so funny. math was stupid she had all attitude with us, in spanish we listened to opera? haha lunch was arite kendrick was mad crazy in english reading macbeth.... e-pic-cure.. um cant find my math textbook which stinks, music was funny martello didnt come bac im so sad bc she looked really sick wen we saw her. um we reminised about freshman year and all the crazy things i did. after school i went to say by to natasha n we had the same jacket on that was sooo funny i couldnt stop laughing. um then online me n keene last nite talked about "someone" havin 2 kids in boarding schoool from another marriage n she believed me haha n then today was jus normal until she said so where is it oh wait cwpost haha as if she didnt already realize the answer haha too funny those are mah girls cathy n christine=the 2funniest people in the world...arite im out, leave comments!

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