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KimBerLee (xkeepitrealx) wrote,
@ 2003-10-19 16:51:00
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    Current mood: relaxed

    end of the weeekend
    What up? im watchin that sniper movie on usa called Dc: 23days or sumthing like that. before i watched anger management which reallly sucked until the very end when you realized what was going on... I feel pretty oh so pretty. anyways yea im bored yesterday at the game was fun. I jus remembered how i was tellin them about my sis n the leash. it was soo funny imagine if u were in the mall and saw a kid on those children leashes that acted jus like a dog and started barking and growling how funny would that be? o man cathy 1 day if i see that im gonna take pictures. so the game was arite we lost but wen we danced it was like nothing. me n kerri were talkin during it n i go wait why r we having a conversation while we're dancing? in the beginning kerri n dana fell at the same time? hmm random. So it was our last game, dance team is over, yahoo. this season was by far the worst season. after we danced i had a personal pizza which was good but then caitlyn got one n hers looked so nasty haha. me n cathy started our own band n then chrissie joined in " salt instrument/napkin, the crust box and krinkly paper" haha Yo we here today we here today, the football game... haha good times til my crust box got taken away haha then me keene n cathy started recording songs for our "cd" haha we have 3 tracks so far. i hav the best times w. everyone n keene def. had to many pixie sticks so after the game ended kat drove me home n her sis n her friend were thur. well i went home n went to sleep woke up n again forgot that me n ang were goin to the movies so well we didnt go haha saturdays def. drag me out O man cathy i really want to do winter season for those pom outfits ahhhhhh. keene n kerri r the future me n cathy. thats so ironic that my name starts w. a K n kerri who is the mini cathy starts w. a K. n the mini me Christine starts w. a C n cathys name starts w. a C its almost plannned haha its switched . yea i think of some crazy things. Im lovin today bc its so calm n slow moving n i get to relax. i hate wakin up everyday for school. im out

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