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KimBerLee (xkeepitrealx) wrote,
@ 2003-10-08 21:51:00
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    wooop woop
    Arite where to we begin. The bday was good. oh yea apparently a girl in my grade must have done a contest for miss teen new york and won cause well it got around school n stuff. To b honest i thought her name was something else haha i dont actually know her but o well. So miss america came! i was so mad bc we couldnt see her the 9th n 10th got to see her n we hadda watch her on tv so me n my friend was tellin our sub for homeroom please let us go see her before she leaves n she was like no no i cant n finally she said yes after this other teacher conned her lol so me n renee saw her she was like a celebrity n people were crowded. this guy was like u wanna see her so i said yea i want a picture we want a picture n she turned around n renee was like crying so we took the picture i was in awe for about an hour haha so after i remembered i had a flyer of hers in my pocket n i took it out n wanted an autograph so she gave it to me. i dont care wut anyone says shes soo prettty in person our stupid cameras made her nose look so big haha but it was so awesome i was in such awe i put my sweatshirt on upside down and backwards haha i couldnt even think.
    Then we went to mcd's it was fine we saw liz from dance team there n i got this ugly bridesmaid happy meal doll thing haha n keene had the ringbarrier lol so we gave these people our names so that we could get Busta Rhymes' autograph since his club is rite by our school. it was soo crazy. um Practiced sucked. mang. n dipaolo saw me comin down the hall so they pretended to talk about me or i hope the pretended haha n kat was like shes obsessed w/ you n mang. is like we have a special bond we hea we hea haha it was so funny um then my coach got anal on me n said i dont pay attention to dance? hm that was nice anyways yea Erika Harold aka Miss America was a good speaker so many people was on stage w. her this guy sang to her, this guy n girl got crowned king n queen n of course chanie the person everybody noes went up and shuck her hand n this guy hugged her etc. she sounded really nice she talked about abstaining from drugs, sex, acohol n becoming president, law school n stuff lol it was nice so after practice ryan n kat gave me a ride home n now im packin for retreat tomorrow.. i hav no clue wut to bring! haha arite im out

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