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Taylor (ximdeadbutawake) wrote,
@ 2005-05-16 22:34:00
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    Current music:good charlotte

    Never once did I seem to care if I didnt ahve anybody near but now i do and i dont know what to say
    People are fucking gay sometimes, just kill the drama, summer will be here in less than a fucking WEEK get over shit, please. God Damn people are really damn pathetic, I know a four year old you acts more matture than some people honestly. Stop calling people whores, nasty, fat, bitches. If you have a problem with them, at least say it to there fucking face, as if you noticed you cant really do shit over the internet, dumbasses.

    Chris left the band i am upset.

    Blurty sucks ass, I have no clue what I am doing here, and l/j wont open. I wanan get a dead journal, but you have to have a code or something.

    I am going to sux flags thank God what a good way to start off the summeR, I am hoping I will get to go to Cedar Point also, but that prolly wont happen, just cause I really wanna go!

    I cant wait for Shannons wedding, I am the maid of honor, it will be nicem they are going to mexico for their honeymoon how nice that must be! We are going shopping on friday, and her wedding shower is on saturday after that we are going to the other brides maid house for a bachlorette party, that should be fun.

    "so long and god night"

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