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Taylor (ximdeadbutawake) wrote,
@ 2005-05-24 22:12:00
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    Current mood: geeky
    Current music:brand new

    Telll all the english boys you mett about the american boy back in the states
    Took this from super_ned I am some what new so here you go

    01. First Name: Taylor
    02. Hair Color: blonde my natural color
    03. Middle Name: renae
    04. Hair Style: straight
    05. Eye Color: blue, baby blue if i cry someiems darkblue
    06. Height: 5'6ish
    07. You like m/f: BOYS, emo boys
    08. B-Day: june 8th
    09. Zodiac Sign: gemini
    10. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?: no
    11. Do you have a crush?: yeah 2 of them god


    01. Favorite Animal: cats kittens
    02. Favorite Sport: hockey and wrestling!
    03. Favorite Color(s): blue and black
    04. Favorite Friend(s): Kelsey Tina Leach laura
    05. Best Friend(s): Kelsey, ryan, Tina, steve, brandon
    06. Favorite Song(s): soo many but seasons by gc, and i can barely breathe from a second chance
    07. Favorite Movie Quote: "your not God your bob" SLC PUNK
    08. Favorite Store: wal mart, sam gody, hot topic
    09. Favorite Feeling: When your with some one and feel smethign for them and know that they fee the same way, ahvent had that yet I wish. Wiht you best friend and laugh until you cry
    10. Favorite Shoes: my black and pink skechers lol
    11. Favorite Scent: roses, lillac, and new cars
    12. Do You Wear Make-Up?: yes
    13. Which is more important, personality or looks?: Personality
    14. What kind of personality do you like in a girl?: oughh i am a girl so for a guy they have to be able to make me laugh and have fun, willing to do anyhting once even if it running around naked! can listen
    15. Do you move fast or slow in a relationship?: depends
    16. What is your idea of the perfect girl?: the one that is out there <3
    17. Would you ever ask someone out?:all depends on the person, I am the shyest person you will ever meet
    18. Do you prefer blondes or brunettes?: it dont matter

    01. What is the first thing you notice about someone?: eyes!!!!!!!! i loe blue eyes one time i told ym frined Josh his eyes were beautiful the first night i met him! I am soo damn rad like that
    02. When's the last time you cried?: ummmm, proly a couple of days ago i as pissed so i cried
    03. What do you want to be when you grow up?: a social worker, be able to help people.
    04. Do you sleep with stuffed animals?: i dont sleep wiht them but i ahve a doll in my bed cause ive had it since i was born
    05. How far have you gotten?: made out
    06. Do you like someone right now?: yess
    07. Do they know?: well is Jk doesnt he is stupid considering when we danced i knocked kelsey down litterally after wards thats how happy i was ive liked him since 7th grade no one will ever undertand tho, and one other guy i have a lil crush on
    08. Do you have a best friend?: a few


    01. Had a serious talk?: yes
    02. Hugged someone?: yup
    03. Gotten along well with your parents?: for now
    04. Fought with a friend?: nope


    01. Give hugs?: I love hugs
    02. Give back rubs?: depends if i GET THEM BACK
    03. Take walks in the rain?: depends but I love the smell of o=rain
    04. Do you ever have one of those falling dreams?: all the time when i am sleepin in class and you fall out of your chair at leats you feel like it
    05. What is on the walls of your room?: white walls and one of them is covered wiht posters lyrics ect, i have bullintin boards wiht pics from concerts, my friends and my concert tickets hardcore
    06. Chew gum, what etc..kind?: ice breakers the hott one, winterfresh
    07. Do you use chap stick?: yeah


    02. Smoke?: no
    03. Drugs?: no
    04. Have Sex?: no
    05. Made Out?: yes
    06. Go on a date?: no
    08. Go to the mall?: yes


    01. Are you popular?: no
    02. Are you pretty?: I wish
    04. What is your favorite word to say?: hardcore, and shit
    05. What is your favorite phrase to say?: do you spit or swallow "dazed and confused"
    06. What are you doing right now?: talking to Chris and Brandon
    07. What song are you wearing? : the used shirt and jeans


    01. Cold or hot?: cold, i love the cold int he winter i sleep with a fan and my window open
    02. Lace or satin?: satin
    03. Blue or Red?: blue
    04. New or old?: new old sometimes
    05. Rain or snow?: rain
    06. Give or receive?: give
    07. Wool or cotton?: cotton
    08. Rose or Daisy?: rose
    09. Private school or public school?: public even tho i go to a ga ass private school IT SUCKS
    10. Chocolate milk or plain milk?: chocolate
    11. Celsius or Fahrenheit?: farenheit
    12. Spring or Fall?: fall and spring
    13. Innie or outty?: Innie
    14. Now or then?: then
    15. How many fingers are you holding up?: ughh??
    16. Scent?: huh? god
    17. English or Math?: english
    18. Bath or shower?: shower
    19: bedtime phrase?: you go to bed ill watch as you sleep
    20. Self-stick or lick?: ughh...
    21. Cursive or print?: print
    22. Do you like surprises?: all depends what it is for
    23. Paranoid or Cautious?: both
    24. Heights or Crowds?: HEIGHTS are fuckign awesome
    25. Half-full or half-empty?: half empty i feel like i am dead inside my head
    26. Top or bottom?: top
    27. Do you/Would you dye your hair?: I havent but i would
    28. Speeding or running red lights?: speeding
    29. Gold or silver?: silver
    30. Bad habits?: swearing
    31. Piercings?: nope
    32. Erogenous Zone(s)?: shuddup cracka
    33. "Maybe" or "Mebbe?": maybe asshole
    35. What do you wish you HADN"T done?: Told people shit and them backstabbing me
    36. Fetish?: if it means somehting you wreally like, it is my neck being kissed, and if it is somehting i hate than it is Hillary duff
    37. Do you have one of THOSE voices?: I DONT THINK SO?
    38. Jammies or naked?: jammies j/ cause i dont have a lock on my door
    39. Neurotic or psychotic?: psychotic
    40. Do you talk to yourself?: some times "you knwo what the say talking ot yourself is the first sign of insanity lol

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