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bombshell (xiamfallingx) wrote,
@ 2004-12-26 21:40:00
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    Current mood:Let down Broke down Beat down
    Current music:Cold: Cure My Tragedy

    Desperate and empty and full of the low
    High on the meaning of what
    Style and song is killing for life
    Nothing is all you can cut

    A man made machine
    Now say what you mean
    Sit down and build us a soul

    The red is the black and the black is the red
    And the world is an empty hole
    The earth doesn’t want me the sky is to full
    My fist is a hammer of air
    Now I can destroy what you have got
    And act like I really do care

    Basic and simple
    Let’s check out the end
    Of sinners and stars and dust
    The black is the red and the red is the black
    The taste of control is just rust

    So today was alright. I don't know what to update much about, so I'll just do tidbits. I got some MJ from PS, and got kinda baked. I'll be smoking more of it tomorrow and I know how to smoke it from a soda can now so it'll be all good. Yeah yeah. And today must have been "leave Carin alone for a while" day, but that's okay, because I was really tired. I'm probably going to go to bed soon. J seemed all depressed over missing someone, but as always he didn't tell me who, so I didn't ask. None of my business. But he is my best friend and it's depressing when he's sad. He stole my Le Sigh, too. Fuck me. I'm gunna cry so before I start I'm gunna go.

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