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Aubyn Claire (xhardknocklyfex) wrote,
@ 2003-03-12 15:22:00
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    I got into a fight today with one of my friends. My best friend actually. of them. Cori. Even though I'm incredibly mad at her, she's in one of my handful of friends that I would never want to stop talking to. And so it comes down to this. I hate not talking to her. And yet, I know I should be mad at her. Have you ever felt like that? Or am I just queer? Oh well...I dunno. You see, I found out that she's been saying some really nasty stuff behind my back. Like...lies. And that's even worse. She told people that I'm a whore and she can't stand how I never stop talking about guys. She also said that I'm annoying. It hurt. When I confronted her about it she started crying and telling me how she was in a bad mood that day and being really cruel to everyone. I believe her, but she still shouldn't have done that.

    On a stranger of my best friends, Gina, just became a cheerleader!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH! She's like...anticheerleader type girl. She always talks about how stupid cheerleading is and she always critisizes it. It's the strangest thing. I don't know what's gotten into her. I'm kinda creeped out. And she'll have to wear those skimpy cheerleading outfits! UGH! Come on!! How do they do that? I've never seem her wear a skirt in my life. I'll bet she's the first "anti-cheerleader" to become a cheerleader ever. I mean, its cool and all that she's a cheerleader, I don't have anything against cheerleaders in general, it's just...she hates them. And always makes fun of them.


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