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i'm sorry is never enough (xglitter_soresx) wrote,
@ 2004-10-21 13:50:00
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    Current mood: high
    Current music:sex and candy - marcy playground

    oh no, i left my satanic bible in your car...
    i went window painting today for art, me dayna and anna were in a group, lyd was supposed to be in our

    group too but she had to go to her cousins wedding. : \ we painted jack and sally from the nightmare before

    christmas, we forgot to paint the rose in jack's hand, and we couldn't paint it when we realized that we had

    forgotten to because we had to leave. i was really cold this morning but then i got hot chocolate and i was

    fine. :D anna wore the shittiest clothes she had so if she got paint on her it wouldn't matter, lol she was wearing

    hunter green pants with bleach stains, an old faded blue hoodie that had a rip by the hood, and a beig snow hat

    with blue deer and red hearts with black and white converse sneakers. me anna and dayna were in the bathroom

    before we left to go window painting and dayna said 'i look like a dirtbag metalhead who doesn't shower...even

    though i do..." then anna said 'i look like...a homeless person.' she really did it was funny. :D

    we painted one of the windows at buckley's, i got paint on the wall by accident and it wouldn't come off *-*

    whoops... anyways, the owner of the christian book store wanted to have her window painted too... which

    confused me since halloween is a pagan holiday and christianity doesn't believe in it and thinks that it's evil and

    satanic... but whatever... so this girl amanda and two other people painted the background black, they made a

    pumpkin, a moon and a witch on a broomstick.... kathy the owner of the christian book store came out and said

    the witch had to be removed...

    we were like wtf lady? so the people who painted that had to scrape the witch off and didn't have time to

    paint something else.... and window painting is a contest so that woman totally fucked them over. she came over

    to me anna and dayna and asked if we knew anyone that was done who could re-paint her window... we were

    like uh no... mrs. graf was like if that lady asks you to do her window say no. so when she walked by again

    dayna asked anna if she still had the german shepard for the animal sacrifice for the 'séance' we were having

    that night, then i said fuck dayna, i forgot my satanic bible in your car, we can't have the sacrafice without it...

    and the lady like shook her head... it's like come on loosen up.

    later on when we were done with our window dayna painted 666 and an inverted pentagram on her

    sweatshirt and the three of us walked over to the bible store, the lady was talking to mrs. graf so dayna stood

    next to mrs. graf and acted like she was waiting to ask her something. this kid... andrew i think his name is, he

    painted an upside down cross on his forhead. the lady was all freaked out and annoyed... i was like you asked

    for it, you wanted your window painted for halloween, which is a PAGAN holiday.... you asked for crosses on the

    windows... christian crosses... it's a PAGAN HOLIDAY! then you made the people who painted your window,

    scrape it off and fucked them over. some people are so dumb, it was funny fucking with her though. :)

    the bus took forever to come, but eventually it did.

    dayna took me home, we were talking about how one night we should fuck up some shiiitt... i've always

    wanted to pain over the c in canal street and the c in canalview... dayna has green paint and i want to do it soooo

    bad. :) we'd have to do it at like 3 in the morning because there is not a living soul in center then. i want to paint

    an inverted pentagram and 666 in front of the bible store, just to fuck with that lady. :D

    tomorrow i'm going with shannon to her brother's wedding. :D so when my mom gets home i'm going to

    the store to get a top and shoes, i have a long black skirt with a slit up the side... i bought it in 5th grade... and it

    still fits me... it's sick, i know. lol yeah, i'm tired, cold, and hungry :( i'm going to go eat, then take a nap. >.<

    that's all for now i guess... layters ♥

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