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... A Dream Come True... (xfor_a_momentx) wrote,
@ 2004-03-21 18:14:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:I Believe In a Thing Called Love-The Darkness

    ...My heart's in overdrive...
    so yeah-play is finally over but i do admit im gonna miss hanging wit everyone after-school. *thanks to janine franco steph & laura for comin and bringin us presents. you guys make me smile.* lol and yeah laura & steph's party was GREAT! janine amused me muchly wit her dancing and franco and i got to smush ( is that even a word?) steph & laura's faces wit freezing ice cream cake. =0)

    today my mom and i went to queens to get my hair done. we left round 10 and didnt get home till 5:30 cuz i got my hair dyed-highlighted-then cut. i had fun and kinda like the way it came out even tho its a DRASTIC change. in some lights it looks pink but whatev. lol

    today is the first day of spring which means its almost april which means its alomst time for spring break in florida! yep this is what my mom and i talked bout on our drive to the salon lol. the only thing that sucks tho is that she's sayin how she wants to move down there. i completely and strongly oppose but yeah my dad still doesn't kno bout anything and i know he'll take my least i hope. lol

    aiight i think that's it for now.
    lata luvs.
    ...Yours Truly...

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