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Tµë Mï§fît² (xerxies) wrote,
@ 2005-01-16 10:35:00
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    i came across this when i was on my college's website. it says this girl called "karima latifa" has written a 160 pg book of poems at the age of 22. at a website, the book is described as:

    "Get ready to explore truth. The poems in this book are sure to captivate your mind and take you into a place you’ve probably never been. These poems tell a story and invite you into the life of the misunderstood. Spiritual, emotional, abysmal, and eccentric are just a few words to describe the poetry within. I must forewarn that you must be one with an open mind, or one with a very curious mind. You must be one who wants more knowledge of what’s real in the eyes of this perceptive revolutionary poet. Karima Latifah brings you: Caught Up-N-The Struggle."

    right. so you read that, and yu think, shit, this must be some good work. something deep and meaningful with some insight. for a moment, youre even impressed. wow 22, wrote a book. then, i read an exerpt:

    "“Why do ya’ll stereotype me?
    What did I do to you?
    I’m just here minding my business
    And you’re there looking at me the way you do
    Yeah I got tattoos
    And I got it all over my body
    But because I got tattoos
    Now I’m a little naughty?”

    the fuck is that. she got published? for christs sake please. i mean, i just read it again. and its not that bad. its okay. its not even SHADOW of what they say it is, but its not too bad. definitly not publish worthy. so please, tell me, WHY. WHY would...eugh! people piss me off. i could have made millions then! jesus ive had brain farts that are deeper than that. nevermind, im pissing myself off.......

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