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Tµë Mï§fît² (xerxies) wrote,
@ 2004-10-12 20:39:00
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    i just got off the phone with dan. poor thing. he was Mr. Grumpy. hes been feeling ill lately. i miss him being all romanticy. heh i dunno if he notices but i melt when he does things like that. he prolly thinks its lame...

    i was dead worried last week. being cold and distant made me worry. i know he thinks its lame but, i was fiddling with my phone in class, and i read some of the messages off him from when i was going over. "i want to hold you and kiss you'' and such things. made me smile :) .

    ive been dead tired lately. im going tobed soon, and its not even 9 yet. i have a few tests coming up. ah, i love tests heh. i dont feel as social as i did before. i used to go to math class anxious to get to speak to the girls cos they liked me. but now i just sorta...sit down and smile. nod when they say things.

    the rammstein album grew on me. theres a song called "stein um stein". i dont like some of it but theres a guitar bit in it that i really like. i listen to the song just to hear it lol. and theres "amour". i know some of the words by now. Reise is good. and ehm..i thought "moskau" was bad but now i kinda like it. russian chicks sound like japanese chicks. teeny voices. "los" is a bit plain, given that its acoustic. i cant appreciate the lyrics, since i dont peak german, so they didnt give me much to enjoy. it was just...a guitar. and till's voice. yay raspy german voices! not.

    im going to sleep now. im dead tired. g'nite

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