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Justine (xemoishx) wrote,
@ 2003-09-23 14:35:00
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    Current mood: indescribable
    Current music:Matchbook Romance x Save Yourself

    who will stop me now?
    I fucken hate Tuesdays. theyre like Mondays for me for some reason.

    Im just so glad to be home. ::sigh::

    sorry about the bitching last night. I just needed to vent...badly.

    today was alright. Lee came up to me at the end of gym class today and actually talked to me for the first time since the last show I was at, which was Ghoulstock. he said he tried calling me on Sunday or something but I wasnt home. I dont remember what I did Sunday? but yeah..atleast he called me? hes a cute kid. but I felt bad cause Brandon kept trying to talk to me while I was talking to Lee and he just kinda walked away :/ I lost his number, so hopefully he calls me again later and we can talk. :]

    Im so fucken lonely. it bugged me a lot for some reason today. I just kept like watching all the couples today doing their cute shit. :/ it made me feel crappy. and then Nick kept blabbing about how beautiful Bokaluv was and Manny kept telling me how this girl is in love with him and how he doesnt want her and I dunno. :'[ this week sucks.

    we got our school pictures back today. I look like a fucken cow. my shirt made me look all fat and whenever I smile my cheeks like puff out or something. gay

    Im kind of looking forward to seeing my dad again in December. I wish he still lived in Jersey though. its fun being on a train..but it only lasts until we get into Baltimore (which is about 3 hours right there). then after that, everything is the same cause then we hit Virginia. and its just tiny little shacks every 30 miles in fields of nothing. :/ a;lkjf;laskjfd anyway..

    as soon as I got home today I got changed into my marching band tshirt and my old Triton gym shorts. comfyness. i didnt even bother to take a shower haha. Im such a skank.

    last night Felchie told <3 that I suck. but whatever.. if shes just going by the shit that Holly and Larn say about me then I dont care. why are people so judgemental? why do they even care?

    I think Im gonna take a nap or something.

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