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x SWiTCHF00T x VERSi0N 1.0 (xdisc0nnectedx) wrote,
@ 2004-01-23 16:53:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:-Days Of The Phoenix- AFI =)

    Wow, our first entry!! haha finally, after trying to start this up for 2 years! well, theres tons of stuff about us and we are best friends for life, and always will be!!
    -Getting To Know Kelly-
    Yepp, Im kelly malave, and Im in love with aron (1-7-04) he is the best, and I really dont care if people think he is dirty, or has a big nose, or what ever because he is a great person and hanging out with him is a lot of phone. I have red hair and im like 5'3 about.. yepp my birthday is September 29 (kristines makes fun of that) and I love music.. it can really make you feel good, haha my favorite band has to be AFI (a fire inside) they have got the best lyrics and everything about them is great, my other 2 favorite bands are KoRn and Slipknot.. maybe I can get some pics on here soon (im as ugly as hell though) yepp I dont know what else I should add soo umm later..
    -Getting To Know Kristine-
    Hi! Yea, Im Kristine Enriquez, not CHRISTINE or KRISTINA or ENRIQUE, JUST KRISTINE ENRIQUEZ!! phew, people always screw my name up and it pisses me the fuck off!! damnn bastards.. yea uhh i have like brownish type o hair and its cool? I had it sort of died red once it was the shit!! *Sigh* im despretly in love with this guy named Jay BUT THANKS TO SOME ONE (coughKELLYcough) he hates me, see me and jay were going out and then kelly hated him and wanted us to brake up and we did, then the next day she goes "eh.. me and jay are really good friends now!" I WAS SOOO PISSED OFF!!! Me and kelly like most of the same bands, but im into oldies and rap also.. yepp maybe I'll get some pic-o-tures too haha later bitches!! =) (im a fucking boy crazy bitch and i like suckin dick!!)

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