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Nikita (xdayxtripperx) wrote,
@ 2005-04-18 00:03:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:Just a Phase - Incubus

    Skip was a little crazy for me
    Um good weeked, I suppose.

    Friday was the play. It was good. Made me really sad, I miss acting like crazy. So disappointed that I'm not acting right now. I miss being in shows. It was so fun. Ugh. Anthony was amazing, the show in general was good. Very funny. Eva came that night, we laughed at Anthony the whole time. It was great.

    Saturday I didn't have to work which was awesome. I took care of the cats and went to my fav store PetSmart for some stuff. Raj finally woke up and we just chilled. Then I went to the play again with Laura, Heather and Cristiana. We had fun. It was good again. Then we went out with the cast b/c I wanted some Rajah time and Schtein, Alyssa Esq. and Widdy went. It was fun. I love Schtein's wife, Alyssa, she is so cool. And she went to Rutgers which makes her even cooler. She reminds me that successful people do actually go to this school (I tend to forget that sometimes). Anyways, it was a fun night.

    Then today I had a horseback riding lesson. I had a very difficult horse Skip but it was ok. He almost threw me once but I yelled at him and he was ok after that. He was a bit bratty though, kinda lazy too. But it's ok, b/c I was at the reigns and I got him under control. My groin-al area is already starting to hurt though. Sheesh. These crazy old ladies who can't control their horses are messing up my lesson. But whatev. Then Raj and I and my dad washed Russell George and Bashful. Anthony's car was disgusting but my dad made it look good. Yea. Then we hung out and just chilled. Then I had to come back here. Crazy week coming up and I don't get to see Raj on this weekend because he is going to Virginia for some stupid trip. But wahtev, I have a job interview and an essay to write so I'm sure I'll stay busy. Yea.

    I miss my Rajah already...

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