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tears of blood (xcry_cutsx) wrote,
@ 2003-05-03 13:15:00
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    i can feel you dreaming of me i cant feel you dreaming of me
    damn it for the past three nights i have been having a dreaming about andrew. and i am really sick of it. hes just a fuckin friend nothing more. they arent like hey theres andrew type of thing its like hey im fuckning andrew type of thing. it really pisses me off cuz i kno that i cant have him in that way but the dreams are just fucking killin me IT FUCKING HURTING ME SO BAD. it makes me not want to see him in real life, in other words it makes me not want to see him. but i am goin to today. we were suppose to go to cvd but its close cuz of the damn rain. dont get me worng i love the rain but not when it ruins something fun i have planned. damn it.
    so we are goin to see x men 2 yay im siked!! but i wna t jose to go but he doesnt want to go see it at night. but me and andrew have chores to do. so it wont owrk out like that ya kno but owell if he wants to be like that.
    i need a smoke hmm... well goin to finish my fuckin chores then goin to see my andrew

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