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sarah (xcheerbabix) wrote,
@ 2004-05-28 22:04:00
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    hola chicos
    today was pretty much uneventful..i actually got home at a normal time..i got a ride home from this girl emily..and umm then i took a nap and then i went out to dinner with my mom and then erika came over and we watched calendar was soo cute! i gave bryce and jimmy some of my pictures from semi so they could make copies and i really really want them back because they're really cute! but they were in jimmy's car and he got a $500 speeding ticket so his parents didn't let him drive to school and so i couldn't get them..i was soo mad i thought i might cry...joe's birthday is in like 2 hours..i think im just gunna call him and say happy birthday and thats about it..he's got too much of a life for me now. graduation is next weekend and so isn't the cheerleading yard sale...yard sale on saturday graduation on sunday..but so isn't brians confirmation party..but i can't go to that =[ even though i really wanna cuz hes really cute *tear tear* lol

    hmm i just kinda feel like and erika just watched calendar was a gooood movie..okay i definitley already said that but whatever...Dr. Form was like criticzing my lab report i gave him last week..i got a B+ on it and he was like blah its horrible its unclear do you have problems in english? i was like um no i got an A in one class and a B+ in the other..he was like well blah blah blah blah he can kiss my bum. its not even like a B+ is a bad grade...but whatever. omg omg omg i just checked my chemistry grade and i have an A!!!!!!! holy shit this never happens. how excited am i???!!!! wow im so and umm in my history class i need to start doing better...and i need to do really really good in my englishes...i wanna bring my GPA up by a lot because i only have a 3.46 and i want at least a 3.8

    okay well i think its time for one of those random topics to talk about because im bored. very bored.
    • Picture yourself twenty years from now. Write down any thoughts, ideas, or mental pictures of yourself that flash across your mind.

    okay so 20 years from now i'm 35. hopefully i'm married by then..and already have 5 kids. i want 8...or maybe 10 i'm not sure. i'll be a pediatrician. purchasing a big huge farm house in a rural community with a big wrap around porch. i'll have a beach house in hampton and i'll be driving and expedition because i have a bunch of kids. my practice and my sister will be a nurse working for me..i'll have another doctor too..and some other nurses and crapola. it will be great. 4 boys 1 girl. the girl is the youngest...her name is Casey Rose. the first boy has his fathers name. the second is Ryan Michael. the 3rd David Peter the fourth Joshua Matthew. Juinor will be about 6 by then..playing sports..actually all the kids old enough to be playing sports will be playing them. Casey is probably just a little baby so she isn't doing anything and neither is josh or david...well david maybe playing soccer but nothing to well yeah i guess i have this thing all planned alrite im done now..adios

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