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sarah (xcheerbabix) wrote,
@ 2004-03-03 18:58:00
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    Current mood: bouncy

    hmm i just read my last entry and i like messed it up wicked bad..but its aiight...anyway we won our game and so now we're playin Ipswich and if we win this one we'll go to the Fleet Center...i hope we win!

    today i was so excited and i was in such good mood but then the day just got progressivley worse. so bad that i ended up crying in history not like big dramatc girly crying..jus a few tears and niles saw me and i was like wow u must be happy you finally got to see me was..i dunno..but yeah. it was rough. and then practice started off horribly. ashley had her bad attitude and no1 was lettin her get away with it..and so it was rough and then in like the 2nd stunt my back started hurting and that was rough and my clip broke! i was so excited about that thing you dont even know. ugh!! thats when i started crying because it broke in hisotry. it was kinda like the straw that broke the camels back. and right now my mom is frying chicken or soemthing and it smells really bad. and i had mcdonalds for dinner and i was psyched.

    ya know what i was jus thinkin about..if i died they would take my computer to find out what had been going on in my life. like if i hadnt died by natural causes they would..cuz if i died of like a heart attack i dont think they'd do that..but i dunno they'd read this and be like wow this girl was messed up. okay well at least i think im messed up. and sometimes i just go on these tangents and i just talk talk talk. takl about random stuff too. yeah and well. yeah. AJ got his other ear peirced. i just happen to notice it when he walked by me today. my tracus isn't infected anymore. and i feel one of my wisdom teeth coming in! im psyched because they're startight. and i like having this thing because i can just say all this random stuff and nobodys going to give me a weird look. yeah so back to random stuff...i talked to niles today about juli and he was like well this is how i felt when u went out with AJ and i was like well im sorry but but but i dunno. i broke up with him and so this whole juli thing should be over. but its okay. i dunno. i just dont like how he gets the shaft. =[ but its okay. alright ya know that phrase a friend will listen to why your crying but a best friend will have a wet should from it well niles had a wet shoulder today from my tears and i wanna tell him i love him mucho! haha..not that he reads this but if he did...and me and amanda decided to switch shirts tomorrow...because we have the same shirt but hers is red and mines black. so we're gunna switch! it'll be hottt =] haha...hmm okay so i dont think i have anything else to say...and im gunna go do that whole homework thing so adios!

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