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-schizo and scared- (xcalixdreamin) wrote,
@ 2003-04-07 23:15:00
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    Current music:sloan - - if it feels good, do it

    good everning, children
    long time, no talk.

    last night, i got home from worcester, massachusetts, where i had been since last wednesday. i had a good time! it was nice to be able to see my cousins, and spend time with them... seeing as though i don't get the chance to with those cousins, too often.

    ack, i am excited that i am leaving for california next wednesday... it is about time!! i am going to l.a. first... and then have to catch a bus up to san francisco. i will be there for two days, then am going back to la. on the 26th, i am going to indio, ca... where i will be until the 28th... for coachella... then it is back to l.a... until i leave to go back home.

    while i am out there... i am out there, i will be looking at apartments... and if i find one that works... i shall look into it... and will probably end up moving out there in june or july.

    anyway... it snowed like MAD again today... we are still getting 2 inches an hour. this is bloody ridiculous... it is usually WARM at this time of year, and, actually, it was HOT last week... but, then, of course... the weather has to go and be 'tarded!



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