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-[the reaper holds our hearts]- (xbroken_starsx) wrote,
@ 2003-12-25 07:09:00
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    Current mood:aggravated
    Current music:-----[people talking in the other room]------

    well well..its christmas eve. about 8:00pm all the brazilian family is coming over, about 70+ ppl cramed into my house and me? locked in my room.. i dyed my hair black again. well im pretty depressed about a couple things,certain ppl. but its ok. im just relizeing who my true friends are.. well getting off that subject, new years my parents are going to a party so me and kristina and maybe jenn are going to the culture room. she said she might get her friend from journeys whose brother is joe from gods and monsters.. so does that mean ill ride in the car with them? ::evil face:: well i actully wouldnt do ne thing, bcuz i love josh and he loves me and we are happy. im finally happy. and it seems only a couple ppl are glad for me. i stoped cutitng i stoped poping pills. i dont sleep in late, i dont fight much with my parents or my family. but it seems some ppl want to ruin that. want to ruin my happiness. well here it goes.. fuck you ;D. well ne ways, i feel reallyy loved bcuz josh said dashbored conffinal(spelling?)-hands down is dicated to me, i dont listen to emo but i love the lyrics, heh.. well i alreadi know what im getting from my family.. clothes,hot topic gift certifates,digital camera,lepoard fuzzy print converse shoes[that i wraped] and cat in the hat bag and i derno what else.. 2morrow im going to ft. pierce, o joy.. and i told my grandma im baking a cake.. and i didnt even start --.--;;;; nor do i have ne thing to bake with or make..omg my mom is sooo fucking stupid.. im going crazy looking for the shirt that i bought with my money to wear tonight then i asked my mom where it is.. o tara.. its under the tree i wraped it to give to rachel.. WTF?! stupid cunt.. its a shirt i bought with my money to wear.. so fucking stupid i was about to slap her cross the face with teh fucking box.. instead i just opened it and threw the wraping in her face.. fucking moron

    [010] robotic

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