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_BiiTch_ (xbiitchx) wrote,
@ 2003-10-09 10:37:00
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    Current mood:dorky
    Current music:~::MoVe YoUr BoDy LiKe A sNaKe Ma::~

    eh everyone.. its been a while.. not realli o well. i got locked up for a bit but now im out. chris and me broke up a few weeks ago and he got a new girl.. who is a pLaYa everyone told him that she was ganna play him and he didnt believe them. i kept my mouth shut and ended havin wun hell of a breakdown.. i ended up in the emergency room and lock up. but im done doing stupid shit now. if i fuck up once in the next 8 weeks im commited til im 18, 8-12 months in lock up then a 45 day program then foster care. which would really suck so imma keep it on the str8 n narrow!! u bst believe.. me and chris havent talked in a couple of weeks he had no idea where i was and when i got back he wrote me this note saying he was sorry about everything that has happened and that he still loves and cares about me. I was kinda upset last nite so i called him and he met me downt he street and we talked it felt so good to finally talk to him and he hugged me and when he kissed me i started to cry i love him so much and everything in my body just went numb. It was an amazing feeling. then we went a lil further (if u kno wut i mean) and it was like nothing had changed everything was perfect in those few hours. he told me to keep my head up and that he wants to be with me and we need to talk and that everything will work out for the better. i hope it does.

    oN aNoThA nOtE
    my brother got out of jail yesterday he has an apartment in springfield and will be moving there next week thank god i have missed him like crazii!!! YOU KNOW! I got more pictures of Dayanara she is so beautiful and i am so excited to see the baby.

    school is still the same ol' same ol' u kno.. it was funny i walked in and i had people huggin me left and right everyone missed me i felt very loved.. but now i got a shit load of make up work.. good thing im on house arrest!!

    well girlies im out i love you all and will be commenting bye bye

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