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Stacey (xbadkittyx) wrote,
@ 2003-07-23 20:49:00
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    Current mood: scared
    Current music:murderdolls!!!

    today was crazy ass shit..last nite bethany and jillian slept over and we got so stoned and it was bethanys first time and she was so crazy it was sooo funny!!..but today...i went to alyssas house and we were gonna call dan..he gives us our weed...but he wouldnt answer so we called sarah and she came over and brought 20 dollars so we called andrew smith.some kid that she new..and we asked him if he had weed and hes like yea yea how much and were like 40 dollars and hes like ok ill be there in 10 minutes so he came and got our money and said brb in 10 minutes cuz he had to go get the weed or something... then we are waiting and waiting at alyssas house and before u kno it here comes his mom....and we all thought she was gonna give it to us or something..and we were like wut?\?? and she comes walking up r u the girls that were gonna buy stuff from my son and alyssas like no we dont even no him im from saucon vallley and this is my uncles house.i dont even kno anyone here and the ladys bitchin n shit and then shes like if i found out it was u then ill be back..and were like holy shit and we were soo scared and didnt kno wut the hell to do!! ALSO...earlier that day alyssa trys to call dan but she called the wrong number and shes like hey do u have any weed? and idk wut he said cuz i wasnt on the phone.but anyway...he told his mom and then her brother found out and told her dad so she said that 2 girls were in town and asked to use the phone and called phyllis but we didnt no or anything..i guess he bought it but idk he wanted their numbers...cuz alyssa said it was amanda parks and desiree soliday...but idk wut the hell is gonna was juss soo fucked up and we never got our money so me and sarah are gonna try to get it tomorrow....ahh i juss dont wanna be home im scared that that lady is gonna do somethin i hope andrew talked to was scary...!!!! well ill write later that was basically my day...pretty gay huh!

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