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Greg (xander6464) wrote,
@ 2012-08-19 09:33:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:Christopher Jordan, WSAR Fall River, MA. April, 1974

    Tonight's Really Big Shew
    Before we get to today's featured attraction we have a prelude, an opening act if you will, that some of you are going to find disjointed, incongruous and unsettling, sort of like when you had to sit though the dancing bear act before you saw Elvis or when you went to see the Monkees and had to sit through Jimi Hendrix first...And just as I did then, I am going to say now, why don't you just be glad that you got to see Jimi and the Monkees in one night (When they both were at their absolute best, no less) for less than $10? Especially when you consider that it only happened 7 times before Jimi quit the tour and that if it could somehow be recreated today, ticket prices would probably start at $10,000 (That might sound a little too expensive even by today's standards but remember, pulling this off would involve bringing two dead people back to life and that process is not cheap). You hit the Entertainment Lotto jackpot that night and today, against all odds, you have done it again. And it only took 45 years! So take a minute to stop and smell the Purple Haze while it's here and affordable.

    So let's get this really big shew rolling with this, a short little paragraph ripped from one of today's more obscure news stories that was custom built for all you climate change deniers out there:


    The Maldives, a collection of almost 1,200 islands in the Indian Ocean, have an average elevation of just five feet above sea level. And whether or not YOU believe in climate change, the folks there do, and they've got a lot more reason to take it seriously than the rest of us do. Accordingly, they've begun plans to create a series of floating islands to stave off imminent apocalypse. (A golf course wouldn't be high on our priority list in such a scenario, but hey.)


    And you aforementioned climate change deniers are probably saying, "Big deal. Who cares about the Maldives?" but you're forgetting that it's just today that it's the Maldives, tomorrow it will be L. A., Seattle, New Orleans, San Fransisco, New York, etc, etc, etc and that the only real winners in this game will ultimately be those of us here in in the Quad Cities ( because we'll finally have real beaches and oceanfront property but that victory will come at a pretty heavy price.

    OK, now let's get to what you spent eight days in line to see, tonight's featured attraction, which goes a little something like this: Anyone who says, "They don't make Friday nights like they used to," is full of bunk. Even when, because of constant interruptions and distractions, you have to Tivo it and watch it on Saturday afternoon, because Bill Maher has finally ended his decades long vacation and returned to weekly television.

    So now you have Ed, Rachel and Bill back to giving the best three hour block of TV currently available. And one of the biggest highlights this week was Rachel explaining why so many military personal are killing themselves ( with the Paper Weight segment at the end of her show. She never said anything about the suicide spike but it doesn't take much to connect the dots between these people having to wait years to find out if they are going to get what they were promised and their desire to just end the whole thing.

    Meanwhile, Army officials, just like all the other idiots who are against suicide but have no clue as to how to go about it, are talking about things like helping people improve their "life coping skills," when what we need and the only thing that will make suicide less desirable is improving life. For everyone.

    Oh, well, I'm tired of yelling at that brick wall, so let's get to something really fascinating that happened Friday night. Bill said that he had never heard of Chick-fil-A before they recently made the news by being vehemently anti-gay and that struck me as being rather odd. The roots of the company go back to 1946 and Chick-fil-A itself started in 1967 and since have built over a thousand restaurants all over the US.

    And they do a fair amount of advertising. So how could someone as bright, attentive and well informed as Bill Maher not have heard of them? And it's not an isolated incident. And while it is the cases like Bill's that make me wonder the most, it doesn't just affect the bright, attentive and well informed. It even happens to me and every so often something will pop up and I'll say, "How could I have missed that?"

    And I don't at all buy the Occam's Razor theory that in this case would say, "There's a lot here and sometimes you miss some of it. Case closed." It happens to too many people with things that that are so much a part of everyday life that it can't be that. Especially if you factor in the phenomenon that Art Bell talked about years ago of hearing that someone has just died and you could have sworn that they had already been dead for years which also happens to too many people to be considered inattentiveness or confusion.

    The only thing that makes sense to me is that we occasionally somehow shift between dimensions to find a world that is just slightly different than the one we were just in. And I know that many of you look at a statement like that and just laugh and all I can say is that before you laugh too much, talk to a quantum physicist or two or at least read some books on the subject and when you see that we can't explain gravity without a multi-verse model and that time and space as we perceive them are illusions---Which means we are already dead and all the people who have died are still here---along with a lot of other strange things (Including but not limited to things like entangled particles and how observation and intent do affect the outcome of experiments and therefore influence all reality as we know it), will you still laugh at it?

    Maybe, maybe not. And how will that laughing or not laughing affect this illusion of reality that we share? Those are the kinds of things I tend to think about the most. And what I fear the most is that your reaction will somehow screw up the Friday night Ed-Rachel-Bill lineup. What I thank God the most for is that not many of you are network executives, because you are the people with the most damaging reactions.

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