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Greg (xander6464) wrote,
@ 2012-01-18 03:18:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:Coast To Coast AM---George Noory, WOC AM 1420

    SOPA And Lynching
    Funny, unlikely and even good things happen from time to time...I'm an expert on this because I listen to Coast religiously but don't stop composing that suicide note just yet because funny, unlikely and bad things still outnumber funny, unlikely and good things by ten million to one...and today was one of those times.

    The fight isn't over yet but some of the evil Nazi monsters in Congress (AKA Democrats) and their even eviler dark-side allies (AKA Republicans) are starting to weaken on SOPA ( and that can only be counted as good.

    If you want to know yet more about how dangerous SOPA is, I recommend this video: And if you still think that peaceful, nonviolent, nobody gets hurt protest is going to solve all our problems---Yeah, I'm talking to you, Michael Moore and don't take what I'm about say the wrong way because no one admires you more than me---I admit that your long haired hippie idealism lives for another day.

    You should get your celebrations going quickly, though. Because I still say that piles of dead bodies speak louder than nonviolent protesters screaming because they've been pepper sprayed and that's the kind of shouting that's going to fix this world. If you still don't believe me, take a look at how protesters are now being arrested. For lynching:

    I can't help at moments like this recalling what my friend, Detective Tony Baretta...He's a pig but you would never know it because he's so cool, unless you kill someone or always telling me: Don't do you the crime if you can't do the time and if they're gonna nail you and you're gonna do the time anyway, you might as well do the crime.

    And Fred concurs. A lot of people say he's a birdbrain but that's unfair because he's so wise. Anyway, if they're gonna arrest you for lynching, lynch someone! OK, that's all I need from you, so get out of here. Go to the nearest phone and call the Nazi you voted for and tell him or her to keep his or her hands off the Internet. You need more incentive? OK, fine, here's a quarter. Now go pretend you care.

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