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Zachary Grey (xakkattakk) wrote,
@ 2004-08-23 02:53:00
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    Current music:deathside- cut the throat

    victims/kylesa show
    Victims (sweden) and Kylesa (somewhere) played a show with destrux, bludwulf, and no fucker today. So we're driving there and we start talking about the door price and how everyone kept saying it was 8 dollars and how that was bullshit and i was like "yeah it's probably gonna 9 dollars" and low and behold i was right. We get there and hang out for a while drive to 7-11 with luke and get back and i go to pay and hand the fuckhead bouncer 7$ like the bugjar shows usually cost and he gives me this look like "i'm a huge douche bag and i'm gonna charge you 2 more dollars because i'm a fucking asshole", you know? that kind of look. So i'm pretty pissed about that and then bob and sarah tell me they only had to pay 7$ and they obviously aren't 21 so i was pretty pissed about that but i didn't wanna confront the guy on it because i knew it wouldn't do shit. But this bouncer guy and the bugjar, he's probably the hugest asshole ever. First off he gives everyone shit and is always talking about how we're unruly kids or some shit. I guess that's what happens to jocks after they can't play football anymore, they just become asshole bouncers and the bugjar. Yeah this guy was a huge asshole though when i tried to start a pit during the victims he fucking grabs me and tells me to cool it down a notch and i yell back "it's a punk show dude" and he's like "SHUT THE FUCK UP DO YOU WANT OUT SHUT THE FUCK UP" and i'm like "okay...?" so then i just go back and then henry starts gettin' into and jumping around and just generally rocking out and then this douche bag comes up behind him and grabs him and by this time i'm like what the fuck i hate this guy, and then henry starts struggling and the guy puts him in like a fucking full nelson and by this time everyone is just looking at the this whole ordeal and levi and james go over and told the bouncer to leave him alone and the bouncer is like "DON'T TOUCH ME!!!" or some bullshit like that and no one is even touching him he's just a fucking asshole. and then he walks back in trying to act all tough because he's a fat fucking bouncer and he chokes fucking kids and kicks them out for no reason. So by this time everyone is fucking getting into it and it was pretty huge circle pits but the fucking bouncer is just standing their monitoring everything, it was ridiculous. and in the pits eveytime i'd go by him he'd fucking push me. aaarrrggghhhh it pisses me off. i really didn't have a problem with the bugjar until now, i mean the whole situation with them today with the door price and the bouncer was just fucking bullshit. it's just bullshit that i pay 9$ to get into a show and then i can't even dance without being grabbed by some fat fucking bouncer and being choked. BULLSHIT.

    So then after the show bailey, greysin, allie, andrew #1 and #2, bob, jesus, and i go to Arby's to get some grub and talk about how much we hate the bugjar. So i got a bunch of chickena nd it was good. Then we went to ben's house to hang out for a while. I had smoked earlier that afternoon but we got to ben's house and i packed a few with greysin and rob and tim and everyone else their that smokes. So i got rather high and rode home with andrew and listening to tear it up signing along because i was high. yeah.....

    moral of the story fuck the bugjar in their ass.
    9$ shows- fuck you
    asshole bouncers- fuck you
    marijuana- you're still cool
    arby's- you're cool
    bands- you're cool
    7-11- you're cool

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