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d0rk (x_juggalette_x) wrote,
@ 2003-05-05 16:55:00
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    Current mood:In Love With Angelina Jolie
    Current music:The Cure - Love Cats

    Long time no see
    hey, well since i last wrote, a lot of shit has gone down. well andy had a party last weekend and i was sittin with grant outside half way through it and andy and alan antiqued him lmao, he was pure passed out :P. then before that it was just everyone sitting either drinking or smoking dope and i was awake the whole party. at about 4 in the morning, me and andy and murray all went upto andys room (omg he has the most amazing room i've ever seen, lulu dolls and ash dolls (we watched evil dead 3) and huge icp posters *dies*) and watched queen of the damned and stuff then when they were sleeping and i was bored i went next door to alans room and spoke to grant for a while then we went downstairs to pee, lol. alan and lauren and ian stayed in the garage. in the morning me and lauren went to ians and grant went home. i swapped ian mortal kombat for my smackdown. nothing really happened after that till wednesday, i had my art exam then i went to the cinema with andy and alan and grant and another guy and lost the fags i bought that day :( gutted lol. andy invited me to the cinema and said i should so go to london with them but i thought he was just bein nice so i went to the cinema, we went to see x-men 2 and omg <33 rogue rules. andy also bought me a vodka and coke :) lol yay. this weekend lauren, cat, ian, andy, and alan all went to london to see h.i.m but i couldnt coz of exams and money.
    also, andy apparently likes me, he told me and shit and i like him a bit too but he's engaged... thats weird, goddamn. he's havin a party this weekend so i'll see how things go, its all up to him coz he's the one thats engaged lol im sure nothing will happen but hes really fucked up over it and i feel bad :( his fiance lives in canada though lol. hmmm :(.
    i bought girl, interrupted this weekend though :D i love it. im also having a MAJOR tomb raider and angelina jolie obsession right now. Tomb Raider II doesnt work :'( damnit i love that game. anyhoo, im gonna go now, i'll write 2moro and say how i done on my english exam.

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