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kiwi (x_deadsmurf_x) wrote,
@ 2003-09-10 12:33:00
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    Current mood: mellow
    Current music:Fenix TX- Happy Breakup Song

    What been goin on
    Well I have been at school for 4 weeks, and im ready to leave. I swear 8thgrade is so fuckin boring. But alot of stuff has happend to me these past couple of weeks, Ihavent been able to write in here cause I have been gone at peoples houses. Any way.... I regret breaking up with jeff at times. Cause I miss him s much, I really do love him, I dunno if he knows that, but I do. I havent talked to Brandon in like a week, and im about to go nuts man, cause hes my best buddy and I always talk to him about every thing. And now I really dont have anyone I can talk to people about. Anyway well today was a boring day again, all I did was like sleep in every class and go to the same classes over and over, do about the same thing every day, its like a rutine. That every one follows,its kinda odd when you think about it. Well lets see. Hmmm O and saterday I went to Caseys house, got drunk as hell, it was great man, I never realized how I act when im drunk, its quite funny. I got in touble today for the 5th time about my lip being pierced, it weird cause none of my teachers care if I wear it in any of my classes. But when the principal sees it she freaks out man. And so does the 7th and 6th grade teachers, its just like man, forget it im not ganna take it out. Well Friday im going to go get my eye brow pierced again. I wish I would of never took my second and third one out, but no im a retard. (lol) Well im supposed to go to that 99X up start fest saterday, But I dout I will, I got a ticket but cant find a ride for my poor self. Well sense no one is ever gonna read this, I think I have feelings for Brandon, its kinda odd, cause hes my best buddy, and I like him. I can like never let him know though. Cause he would go around telling every one I like him, but I would never get a chance with him. Im not too sure I would want a chance either. Cause hes like a brother to me man. And that would be just wrong. Well im done for today. Bye

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