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nicole (x_damaged_x) wrote,
@ 2003-06-17 14:42:00
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    Current mood:thirsty
    Current music:Plumb // God Shaped Hole

    umm ..yeah
    Hey guess what? My best friend is here yupp yupp Lynsey I love her ..she lives in Atlanta now :( I wish she didnt because shes really the only true friend that I really actually like hanging with except for Courtney yeah Courtney and Lynsey are the best hehe ... ohhh yeah and ya cant forget Hannah lol crazy Hannah so I guess its Hannah,Courtney,and Lynsey there the best!! ...Im goin to the movies tonight to see 'Dumb And Dumberer' lol I heard it wasnt worth the money but its got Shia in it soo I really dont care im only goin b/c Shia is in it!! well last night Cruz and Chris came over im tellin ya Chris always puts me in the worst mood grr I hate him ..hes got a thing for Lynsey soo he like won't leave my house and its pissing me off I already told him Lynsey didnt like him and Lynsey told him too but he just won't give it up!! He likes every grl that comes to my house geesh! ha I watched even stevens last night I loved it when he said "I dont think we can be best friends ..buts its not you its me its you I have to go -runs away-" lmao, I love Shia!! well I guess im about to go ..sry this entry aint that long but I dont really have a very interesting life =/ ohh well ..I love yall bye!!

    Nicole <3's Cruz

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