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Ashley (x_bloodyromance) wrote,
@ 2003-08-31 17:12:00
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    I hate these things...oh well...
    > *************YOU, YOU, YOU***************
    > >1. What is your full name? Ashley Amber Schmidt
    > >2. Nicknames: Schmitty, Schmizzel, Crack Head, Puuuuuuunk, etc..
    > >3. Birthday: feb. 19, 1987
    > >4. Sex: Female
    > >5. Social security: why the fuck do you want that?
    > >6. Where do you live: littleton, co
    > >7. What school do you attend? chatfield..ugh
    > >8. Siblings: my older brother, jay or as lauren says JOSE!
    > >9. Pets: none
    > >10. Zodiac Sign: on the line of picses and aquarias
    > >11. Righty or Lefty: righty tighty mighty fighty..shut the fuck up
    > *********YOUR LOOKS*********
    > 12. Hair color: dark dark brown (almost black) w/ red streeks
    > 13. Eye color: hazel
    > 14. Height: 5' 6 1/2''
    > 15. Do you wear contacts or glasses? black, square emo glasses!
    > 16. Do you have any piercings? cartilage, ears, and nose
    > 17. Where do you want more if you do? MY NIPS!!!!!!!! jk jk jk, uhh..prob my tounge.
    > 18. Do you have a tattoo: nope
    > 19. If so what and where? on my vagina.. JK JK
    > 20. Do you wear any rings? a silver band around my right finger before my pinky....
    > 21. Do you have a certain fashion you follow? uhhh i guess...."trendy or new age" i dont know what you would classify what i am..i pretty much am myself..ask anyone.

    > **********JUST LATELY***************
    > 23. How are you today? tired
    > 24. What pants are you wearing right now? express tight fit stretch jeans
    > 25. What shirt are you wearing right now? a grey undershirt from the gap, i didnt have any cool shirts to wear today..
    > 26. What underwear are you wearing right now? PINK thong from vickies secret.
    > 27. What does your hair look like at the moment? in a messy pony tail
    > 28. What are you listening to right now? Senses Fail
    > 30. How is the weather right now? cloudy and cold
    > 31. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? My Mommie
    > 32. Last Dream you can remember? About visiting my friend Lauren in NC
    > 33. Who are you talking to right now? Kelly on AIM
    > 34. What time is it? 5:19 pm
    > >
    > **********More about YOU!**************
    > 35. What are the last four digits of your phone number? 4535, and 2175
    > 36. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? pink fuck yes pink!
    > 37. Have you ever almost died? yeah...i have too many times to count...
    > 38. Do you like the person that sent you this? for sure, she's a chiller.
    > 39. How do u eat an Oreo? take it apart, lick the white shit, and eat it....whoa that was kind of dirty.
    > 41. What's the next CD you are going to buy? Prob, either Starting Line's new one, or The Early November's new one...
    > 43. What's the best advice ever given to you? You can't break someones heart and try to re-sew it with kisses, it just takes too long to heal that pain.
    > 44. Have you ever won any special award? ha...for being loud in 8th grade.
    > 45. Worst Sickness? Bronchitis
    > 48. What's the stupidest thing you ever done? Got a morman drunk...
    > 50. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be and why? MY CANKLES!!!!!! ALL I WANT IS PRETTY LEGS!!!!!!!!!!!
    > 51. Where do you shop the most? either, zumiez, urban outfitters, or those crazy downtown stores no one has heard of with all the cool clothes that are like thrift store clothes. oh and thrift stores.
    > 52. How many kids do you want to have? 2
    > 53. Son's name? Trace Christian.........
    > 54. Daughter's name? Chloe or Halee
    > 55. Do you do drugs? uhhh think about that...last night was the first time i smoked in 3 months.
    > 56. Do you drink? Nope, Not since July 2, 2003 :-)
    > 57. What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use? Suave
    > 58. What sport do you hate the most? cricket, dont understand it, wont ever play it.
    > 59. What are you most scared of? not being successful, and living at home for forever, and being a loser my whole life who works at subway.
    > 60. How many TV's do you have in your house? 6
    > 61. Do you have your own? yeah
    > 62. Do you have your own phone line? nope
    > 63. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? a 3 foot snoopy
    > 64. Have you ever broken/sprained/fractured a bone? yea my wrist broke in 6th grade and some crazy shit at concerts, broke my arm at yellowcard, etc.
    > 65. Who do you dream about? lauren, or adam 66. Who do you tell your dreams to? whoever i feel like telling them
    > 67. Who's the loudest friend you have? Katy Ermak, or Kelly Corbin.
    > 68. Who's the quietest friend? Paige Willardson
    > 69. Is cheerleading a sport? for ugly girls who are too insecure with their they need skimpy skirts to feel better.
    > 70. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? fuck that question
    > 71. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? a penis
    > >
    > ********ON GUYS FOR GIRLS TO FILL OUT *******
    > *********(for girls only)*********
    > 89. Boxers or briefs: boxer-breifs!!!!!!!!
    > 90. Hair color? dark, black!!!!!!!!
    > 91. Curly or straight? straight
    > 92. Tall or short: Tall
    > 93. Six pack or muscular arms? arms arms arms!!!!!!!
    > 94. Good or bad guys? i dunno depends on my mood.. hahhhhhaaaahhaa
    > 95. Hat or no hat? none
    > 96. Dark, light, or crazy cool eyes or all of the above: light eyes unless theyre gorgues w/ dark
    > 97. Tan or no tan? TAN FOR SURE!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!
    > 98. Dimples or not? doesnt matter, but guys w/ dimples are sexy
    > 99. Stubble or neatly shaven: depends, but i like that rugged look
    > 100. What sport should he play? whatever he wants
    > 101. Talkative or shy: in between, the shy guys can sometimes be the best.

    > ***********Pick One: THIS OR THAT**********
    > 123. Lights on/off? off!
    > 124. sun or rain? sun
    > 125. Mickey D's (McDonalds) or BK (Burger King)? burger king
    > 126. Do you like scary or happy movies better? happy
    > 127.Backstreet Boys or NSYNC? n sync b/c justin is hot now
    > 128. On the phone or in person? in person
    > 129. Paper or plastic? plastic
    > 130. Sausage or pepperoni? pepperoni
    > 131. Summer or winter? uhhh....i like both...
    > 132. Hugs or kisses? kisses unless he smells good hugs are nice so you can smell like him 24/7
    > 133. Chocolate or white milk: chocolate!
    > 134. Root Beer or Dr. Pepper? dr. pepper hands down
    135. Glass half full or half empty? half full, my life has only just begun
    > 136. Tape or DVD: DVD--easier and im lazy
    > 137. Cats or Dog? dogs fuck cats god dude i hate cats and their damn hair and their bleeding and shit
    > 138. Mud or Jell-O wrestling? mud
    > 139. Vanilla or Chocolate? chocolate
    > 140. Skiing or Boarding: boarding, been doing it since 5th grade, STEP FOO! hahaha
    > 141. Day or night: night
    > 142. Cake or pie? both! pie is rad. i had some this morning.
    > 143. Diamond or pearl: diamonds are a girls best friend!! lololol...
    > 144. Sunset or sunrise: sunrises are too early for me
    > >
    > ****************Your FAVS****************
    > 145. Color: pink
    > 146. Food: italian and chinese
    > 147. Fast Food: blimpies
    > 148. Candy: snickers
    > 149. Beverage: dr. pepper, or blue slurpee's
    > 150. Ice Cream Flavor: phish food, or cherry garcia
    > 151. Sport: to watch--hockey or football, to play--soccer, lacrosse, hockey, and softball
    > 152. Animal: elephants
    > 153. Number? 19, 4, 11, 15
    > 154. Radio Station? screw the radio
    > 155. Band? yellowcard and senses fail
    > 167. Fav. day of the year? the last day of school
    > 168. Movie? oceans 11, or sixteen candles
    > 169. TV show? will & grace, or the price is right
    > 170. Store? zumiez, urban outfitters, thrifty stick
    > 171. Scent? clean clothes, or the smell after it rains
    > 172. Teacher? NEWSON!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!
    > 173. Board Game? life
    > 174. Saying? for sure, or wicked, or uhhhhh
    > >
    > **************HAVE you EVER**************
    > 175. Drank? yep
    > 176. Ever gotten dumped? yeah
    > 177. Broke the law? yes, like every day when i drive LOL
    > 178. Ran from the cops? nope
    > 179. Stole something? yes a kermit the frog watch from claires
    > 180. Tried to kill yourself? ..........
    > 181. Made yourself throw up? ya
    > 182. Made yourself cry to get out of trouble? haha no
    > >
    > **********One and Final Note***********
    > 183. Do you like filling these out? at first yes, then it gets old.
    > 184. How many people are you sending this to? just my journal
    > 185. Do u want your friends to write back? please no
    > 186. Who is least likely to respond? your mom
    > 187. Who is most likely to respond? eat a dick
    > 189. Any other comments? "i had a dream last night, and in my dream i took a knife to you. slit your throat from ear to ear. your wound was gasping for the air your scream so clear"-sf

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