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Zoey-Jayne (x__torn__x) wrote,
@ 2003-11-28 00:50:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:Flaw- This Letter

    too much.
    gosh it seems like theres nothing to write about but there is. I just dont realize it because its liek normal life for me but exciting as shyt for yall...just kidding. well it seems that I did particularly good in the musical tryouts because I did get called back, oh happy day, I was one of two that got called back for lead, again oh happy day. Hmm what else, let me think...yeah right I know whats on your nosey minds, and its the state meet right? well guess who got FIRST! just kidding it wasnt me it was some Masen Ridge girl, some black chick that ran liek a 9 wow did I feel slow, it was ok though, I guess I can settle for FIFTH?? can I get a GaWdDaMn? I ran a 10:48 which is a personal best for any corse other than a track thank you very much. Anyways, there were all kinds of people wanting to talk to me but they just couldnt because Im not a junior, sucks for them huh? I did have some Syracuse guy tell me hes been watching me since 8th grade, fairly believable but if thats what he says, ok. hmm well me and Brandon are doing good, we skipped half the day monday, only because I was recognized in a schoolwide assembely, funny, Ive never attentened one of those so I dont know what its like sitting there thinking ughh why do tehy ut us throught this shyt?, yeah never have and never will. then we skipped the half day we had on Tuesday because we felt there was no point in going to school for a half day. gaw...I LUV MY CALEB! lol havent said his name this whole time, I also havent gone a day with out seeing him for like a week and a half or so...hah arent we attached. Well Thanksgiving went well today, everyboday was here, noone off with a parent, if you cant tell Christmas will be a definate different story because of that. It was so cute we had teh little table all set up and everything, when I came home from Calebs this morning the Turkey was alredy in teh oven and everything, how storybook, not that I was sleeping at my boyfriends house, which by the way dont even be thinking SLUT! (Bailey) bc I havent even banged him yet...the day is soon to come though, and no Brady, hes not gay. that was funny though. hes freakin sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy is what he is though. but sadness because hes in Portland for 3 whole days how am I supposted to live till saturday afternoon? I will admit Im not in too deep, I mean I dont even know teh flight number, or his arrival time, good or what, I actually doubt I'll meet him at the airport, he can come over after hes all oacked in again and setteled. happy day for us all. oh yeah I have sum kinda quote of teh day for you "I'm thanksful Zoey has a boyfriend that is that cute and that strong because he can pick me up, Im going to marry him you know, Zoey"--Lexi yes I have to fight my younger sister for my boyfriend, how sad. *ZoEy-JaYnE*

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