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Zoey-Jayne (x__torn__x) wrote,
@ 2003-11-12 14:57:00
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    Current mood: groggy
    Current music:Jacksons ugly voice....

    tired or what
    hey yall. im in Jackson's...boring life, I know. well whats today? thursday? no wednesday, dammit. we had a fire drill earlier, it was funny me and brandon walked to mikeys durango and laid down in the back and went to sleep, there were lk 8 ppl in there, not really but there brandon brady mikey chelly and mikayla and then a cop came and knocked on the window, turned out the *drug* dog smelled mikeys sucks for them though bc they didnt find anything in there, it so smelled lk weed tho, hah cops suck. man last night recked me and casey were doing r chemistry project and my dad had just got home and he brought us chinese was cool, then she stayed the night and at lk 3 in the morning Mikey and Brandon came over and we were swimming, then Brady came out there bc he had been typing a paper, he says but we think he was looking at porn...jk but yeah then we were all swimming it was fun. my dad came into my room to say bye bc he went to Syracuse for some job thing?? and wont be back till lk monday but yeah when he came in there were all these people in swim suits we were all asleep on my bed it was funny he was like party or what. then Marie got mad at Brady bc it was a school night and he told her to shut up and eat a piece of cake, it was funny. Lexi had to walk to school today I felt so bad bc I didnt even come to school till lk 9 bc I was sleepin and when I got up at 8:30 she left me a note under my door that sed Marie wouldnt take her to school and my door was locked (so Marie wouldnt come in there) so she walked, gaa I feel so sorry for her awww Im gunna take her shopping again this w/e. Brandon sed we should skip 7th and 8th and go pick her up early or somthin but Im about to get in tourble for skipping the end of the day so much. I just talked to Coach Guadiano and he was all mad bc I didnt come run this mroning and he asked what I did last night and I told him hah. I hafta go run after school now tho but thats cool bc I feel fat anyways. uhhhh I have regionals on friday and I have a feeling I wont do good, I dont really care that much I guess bc I run so much its not like Im training my ass off or anything bc even if I wasnt in xc Id run just as much but I think its bc everyone expects me to be so goodor somthing, I dunno its liek everybody(coaches) are big headed for me. I dunno its weird and off. but FUCK IT! me and brandon are gunna go to a kareoke bar after I run i really need to shave my legs.

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