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*BeAuTy* (x0x_kota_x0x) wrote,
@ 2003-08-26 22:02:00
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    Current mood: bitchy

    Well today wuz pretty borring. Well not really. Went and did some laundry and hung out wit Denise fer a while. I sooooo miss not hanging out wit her everyday *sniff sniff* Came home and relaxed. I've jus got to vent about sum thingz. First off I swear to gawd Ranch 1 has turned into nothin but a gawd damn soap opera. Who;s cheatin on who, which slut of the room is jumpin in which taken mans box, who is jumpin in whos box and cyberin, which guy is gunna end up with da slut of da room lolz. Its mad crazy. I jus sit there and laugh cuz they gotz the NEVRVE to call ME a whore? LMMFAO! HELLO people take a look around dat room lmmfgdao. I mean seriously. Now itz lyke they have formed sum mad cool alliance. Only "c00l" people are aloud in dat room. Whut you gunna do BOOT me? HAHA ain't lyke it's never been done before. THe sad thing is most of the people in dat room that are in the center of this drama shit are in their late 20's and 30's sum are in their early 40's! How fucking sad is that shit lol. I've been in dat room fer almost 6 yearz now. And it aint never gunna change. People are mad crazy. Ever since Michelle is gone and I don't go in there as much any more that room has gone to hell. Now I know peepz are gunna read this and go jumpin in other peepz boxes sayin " omg kota was talkin shit in her lil journal thing" YER GOD DAMN RIGHT I'M VENTING AND IF YOU DUN LIKE IT... GUESS WHUT YOU CAN DO?? KIZZ MAH FAT WHITE AMERICAN AZZ!!!!! Cuz yall opinions dun mean jack shit to me. Every single one of you think you are beter then everyone else. Well maybe when you wake up and realise that YOUR ASSES ARE ON THE COMPUTER JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE DAY IN AND DAY OUT 24.7. AND YOU TELL OTHER PEEPZ TO GET A LIFE?? IRONY HERE?? LOL anywayz I'm off to see a movie I'll write more laterz

    <3<3<3 Mad Luv From Tha One Tru Beauty<3<3

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