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Lauren (x0sweetlilqt) wrote,
@ 2003-09-22 15:51:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:baby when the lights go out - 5ive

    n0 matter what i d0, n0 matter what i say,
    y0u w0n't just c0me & wipe my tears away. <33

    guys suck - me, emo & libby. definitely true.

    i love him soo much i call him flat face. lol emo! we were sooo mean. but i love him and i was only messin. i know people think hes ugly but i think hes adorable. FF w/ big ears. lol no he's cute i love his ears. they make him cute. good times in language arts. thanks for helping me through everything. i dunno what id do w/o you. and you and ***** and ***. and me and ***** and ****. lol <3 bb4l im always here love youu.

    libby too. i love you. i was soooo down this morning in social studies and the beginning of CMTs. but libby cheered me up and made me laugh. then we ended up finishing CMTs early and writing notes... between me lib & joelle. one was like.. i have a house in the trees in my ass wanna come over? and i was like as long as you cook me creamy broccoli. and lib is like yeah itll be nice and lumpy! were sooo retarded lol. you better destroy those notes except the ones in my notebook.

    goin to mr. cohen tomorrow w/ libby, emo and elyse. we got a lot to talk about lol. good old mr. cohen. plus i want pretzels and flower stickers. hehe.

    well imma go help em with her blurty & eat my pickles. adios.

    <33 lauren

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