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x0canttouchthis* (x0canttouchthis) wrote,
@ 2004-02-24 19:18:00
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    fIrSt eNtRy..*
    ---> hEyY! thIS iS mY fIrSt eNtRy..i rEaLLy lYkE mAh bLuRtY!! iTsZ oNe oF tHa bEsT oNeSz i eVeR maDe bEfOrE!! hMm..weLL i gOt uP fOr sChOoL, gOt a sHoWeR gOt oUt bRuShEd mAh tEeTh dId mAh hAiR gOt dReSsEd dId mAh mAkEuP pUt oN mAh jAcKeT n sHoEs, gRaBBeD mAh bOoKbAg aNd rAn oUt tHA dOoR..i aLmOsT mIsSeD tHa bUs!! lOl..hMm, weLL i gOt to0 sChOoL, aNd wEnT iNtO tHA gYm aNd sAt dOwN oN tHa bLeAcHeRs wIf aLySsA, dOmInIqUe, bRiTtAnY, loUiE, aNd tHa rEsT oF tHa gAnG..aLySsA aNd bRiTT sAw mAh pUrSe aNd tHeY wErE rEaLLy jEaLoUs..lOl hEhE itS iiGhT gIrLsz, i lOvE yAhSz!! hAhA..hMm afTeR tHat wEnT toO hOmErOoM..eLiSe aSkeD mE iF i hAd mAh pUrSe wIt mEeH, aNd i sAiD yEs aNd sHoWeD iT toO hEr..sHesz a lIl mAd, bUt oH weLL..iM tHa ONLY GIRL in tHa 8TH GRADE WITH THA DO0NEY AND BOURKE PURSE!! =] hmM..wEnT tHrOuGh tHa DAy..uGh, pReTTY bOrInG aS uSuAlLy, hAhA!! i wAs hApPy cUz i sAw viNNiE..mEeH aNd bRiTT wErE mAkInG FuN oF HiM! LoL..wErE soO mEaN toO hIm..hEhE! yOoH gOtTa lOvE uS<3 lOl! uGh..weLL aLySsA bRoUgHt mE hOmE tOdAy..i lOvE wHeN sHe tAkEs mE hOmE cUz tHeN i gEt hOmE bEfOrE mAh bRotHeR, aNd i gEt tO gO oN tHa cOmPuTeR fIrSt..aNd pLuS i gEt hOmE lyKe 15mins eArLiEr!! mUhAhA!! hmM..wAs oN tHs cOmpUtEr tiLL lIkE 4:00 =] tHeN i gOt oFf, dId mAh hOmEwOrK aNd aT lIkE 5:45 mE, mAh mOm aNd mAh dAd wEnT oUt toO diNNeR..wEnT tO hIlL toP iN mUlLiCa hIlL, aNd sAw jOhN gUy..hAhA hE loOkeD aT mE aNd wAs lIkE wHy arE yOoH hErE?! lOl..hmM i gOt hOmE aRoUnD 7:00..aNd nOw iM hErE!! iM aBoUt tO gO tO CVS oR rItE aId cUz mAh mOmMy sAiD sHe wOuLd bUy mE a sTrAiGhTeNeR..hmM iMa gOo nOw!! byEz! <3

    - xo0x - bEtHaNy - xo0x -

    * love kevin*

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