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..CAiTLYN * (x0_high_h0pez) wrote,
@ 2004-12-12 12:59:00
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    Current mood:tired

    um i went to xanga for the night and didnt know how do to ANYTHING lol. soo i think im just gunna stick to blurty. alicia is the best friend ever and is def good with xangas =D! she made it soo pretty too! lol i love her soo much haha yesterday was so funny. alright so i woke up at 11 and talked to her and sabz on the comp. then my mom sed i hadda either help decoate the tree or do my homework =/. so i ended up doing the tree. then at 3:30 i invited lica over. SHE WALKED. lmfao wutta weirdo i could a drove you duhh lol. then we called jess and she came over. by that time me and lic were decorating the outside of the house. jess helped and we did lights and reindeer and a sleigh and crap and it looked reallly nice. after that we went inside and looked at ppls pictures. then my mom called us up for s-o-u-p! =] [by the way i might add, i didnt sit on alicia's noodles this time lol] we started decorating the inside then. we put up the train and houses and stuff. when we put up the manger we figured out that the 3 wise men's name's are bulbasaur, charmander, and squirtle LMFAOO. we were laughing for like 10 hours. then jess hadda go to church and me and alicia went to the mall. okay so we brought $70 right? it was all gone in 30 mintues lolol. omg that was sooo funny at gentrude hawk LMAOOO i was spazzing out i cannot believe we saw them! <3333 hahaha. we went to mcdonalds and alicia dropped the money all behind the cash register lolololol your too funny. then at 8:50 we went back to my house and wrapped gifts and chillleeedd. yeahh.. comment love always, caitlyn

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