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..CAiTLYN * (x0_high_h0pez) wrote,
@ 2004-11-14 19:15:00
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    Current mood:cranky

    friday- went to the movies w/ alicia meg sabz carolyn and brittany. it was soo fun. the movie was really goood. then caro and b left and the rest of us slept at lica's house cause we were scared lol. me and jess played ddr against meg and lic =]. we played crash team racing and im addicteddd lol. good thing i have that game. me and lic fell asleep 1st and jess and meg left us clues to find treasure lol that was really cool. i learned i dont wake up for ANYTHING =].
    saturday- played ctr and hung out. jess left at like 6 and me, meg, and lic went to the mall with bri and mr pichalski so that he could get his hair cut. we stopped in the candy store. then we called john to see if him and scott were still in the mall so that we could hang out. they werent and john told me to never call him again.. nice right? then we went home and talked about the "good old days" and everyone we usta be close to before anyone had changed =[. meg ended up saying she felt like crying and we all ended up crying for 2 hours lmao were pretty gay but it was all good. then me and meg slept over again.
    sunday- when we woke up meg was already gone. we went on the computer and attampted to invite all the dwarfs over and everyone turned us down =/ cept for nic =D. so she come over and we had mac&cheese. then john and scott called and i couldnt figure out who was who. then we hung out and reminised and talked about chs and whs. we went on the computer for and bit too. we have mcdonalds and got rad spongebob toys and at 6 my mom sed i hadda leave. i came home and talked to ppl on the computer.
    monday- walked with meg and alicia. 1st block- played with clay =]. 2nd block- wrote a note. 3rd block- rehersed a play. lunch- boredom. 4th block- volleyballlll ;]. alicia, me, and meg missed the bus lmao ohh well.. megan's mom took us home and now im herrree. leave some love, caitlyn

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